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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's Mango Season!

I just had the most incredible mango. It was sweet with a hint of tart, meaty and juicy...yum!
I was one of the best I've ever tasted. It came from Ho'omalu Farms on the Big Island.
They are part of the HOFA the Hawaii Organic Farmers Association. Here's a link :
It's mango season here in Hawaii, my favorite time of year! I can see mangoes dangling from trees everywhere I go, in parking lots, on the side of the freeway, even in downtown Honolulu.
Did you know there are over 1000 varieties of mangoes worldwide?
The mango originated in Southeast Asia where it has been grown for over 4,000 years. Over the years mango groves have spread to many parts of the tropical and sub-tropical world.
The mango tree will fruit 4 to 6 years after planting and requires hot, dry periods to set and produce a good crop. Mango trees are evergreens that will grow to 60 feet tall.
Most of the mangoes sold in the United States are imported from Mexico, Haiti, the Caribbean and South America. Mangoes are packed full of nutrition.
They are found to be the most perfect choice of all fruits for replenishing mineral salts, vitamins and energy after a strenuous session of physical exercise. Studies indicate that mangoes have the potential to strengthen and invigorate the nerve tissues of the muscles and vital internal organs such as heart and brain.The nutritious food factors present in mango are protein, carotene's, carbohydrates and minimal traces of fat. Mangoes contain minerals such as potassium, zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium. Mangoes are full of vitamin A they also contain vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, folic acid and vitamin C.
If you've never eaten a mango you have to try one, you'll be treating yourself to one of the worlds most delicious fruits!

Today I appreciate having fresh organic fruits available in abundance.
I appreciate the sweet smell of mango in my kitchen.
I appreciate the farmers and their labor of love.
I appreciate my health and well being.

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