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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good News

I have an idea that sounds like fun...
We start a pay it forward email chain sending people the message
"Today Is Your Lucky Day"
and ask them to pay it forward to at least one person and as many as they want.
I'll start. Check your email!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beautiful Fruit !

Here's another Law Of Attraction story that just happened today.
I'm still basking in it .
My husband and I are staying in California
(from Hawaii) for the summer to promote my book which is being printed.
One of the things I've been looking forward to with being back on the mainland and in California is being able to eat all the fresh fruits that are in season all summer.
In Hawaii we get beautiful mangoes, bananas and papaya but fruits such as plums, apples, grapes and pear don't grow there. I've really missed having these.
For as long as I can remember I've written down that someday I wanted an orchard filled with every kind of fruit tree that I love, and also grape vines filled with green and red grapes and especially concord grapes which happen to be one of my favorite fruits ever.
I've thought about this over the years and realized it would take a long time before I could enjoy the fruit from the trees if I got the land or bought a house, and planted everything I want, but I still desired having the orchard. Another idea I had was to purchase an old farm with an existing orchard...then I've had the thought, do I really want to do all the work to maintain an orchard or do I just want access to the fruit?
I figured I didn't need to worry about all that now since I'm not in the market to purchase a farm right now anyway. So, I continued to desire having fruit and put it out there to the universe to help me attract the fruits I love in whatever way was best.
Today my husband and I looked at a place to rent while here in Calif. We've been staying in a very small one bedroom place and I wanted more room, so we set out to find a 2 or 3 bedroom place with a yard. My husband found an ad that said the house was on an acre, had 2 bedrooms and beautiful gardens with an orchard. When we arrived to view it I could hardly believe that it was real.
It was like walking into a dream...another realm. Like paradise.
I was truly in heaven.The entry way had a trellis over the patio with grape vines hanging down FILLED with fruit! As we walked the yard I was pinching myself and saying to my husband, I can't believe this...can you believe this...isn't this incredible? He was also amazed at the beauty of all the fruit trees. There were rows of apple trees filled with apples of different types, several citrus, orange, tangerine, lemon, and Meyer lemon.
There were plum trees galore and grapes around every corner with beautiful green, red AND guess what other... my beloved CONCORD grapes!!
I was picking and eating while walking and ecstatic.
If you've ever picked fresh organic fruit from the vine you know what I'm talking about. There's nothing better in my opinion.
There were also cherries, blackberries, pear, pomegranate, persimmon (two varieties)
Asian pear, and in the front by the driveway the biggest fig tree I've ever seen FILLED with figs almost ready to pick.There is even kiwi growing all over the back patio trellis.
The woman who owns the place lives in the main house next to the house we were viewing.
She said she's never sprayed the trees and has been growing them for over 30 years.
I've never seen trees so full of fruit. I could feel the trees were cared for with love.
The house was nice and clean, comfortable, has many windows that look out at all the trees and is in a very quiet area. It's furnished and we can have it for as little or as long as we like.
Now how great is that!
Needless to say we took it and are moving in.
The LOA still amazes me even after all the incredible demonstrations I get, again and again, day after day!
I'm looking forward to fresh apple juice, orange juice and lemonade and excited to be seeing that my manifesting is getting easier and arriving quicker.
I LOVE this deliberate creating stuff!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Great Law Of Attraction Story

Here's a great Law Of Attraction story:
A lady had moved into the house next door to us a few weeks ago. We met her on the day she was moving in and she mentioned that she had 2 dogs. Her dogs were still at her old house (which we had no idea where it was) and we had not seen or met her dogs yet and had no idea what they looked like.
A few days after meeting our new neighbor my husband and I were across town, a few miles from home. We usually took a different route home but for that day I asked if we could go another way home for a change. Just as we turned the corner we saw a dog running around. It was a very busy downtown intersection.
The dog was obviously scared and looked panicked. Cars were racing by almost hitting it as it ran frantic across the street in and out of traffic. I was surprised that no one had stopped to help.
I told my husband that we had to stop and help this dog. We pulled over and the dog which was a young border collie, started barking at me. I said out loud to the dog, "It's okay, I'm going to help you. I know you're scared. We'll get you back home, don't worry. I then took her by the collar and she willingly jumped into the car with us. She licked my face and then started licking my husbands arm as he was driving.
I really wasn't sure what I was going to do. I knew that I'd give the dog some water and started mocking up that I could put up signs where we found her to see if someone would claim her.
When we got about 3 blocks from our house I started having this thought that the dog belonged to our neighbor. It was a very strong feeling and I thought, well that would make it easy.
I really liked the dog and was thinking it wouldn't be so bad if we ended up having to keep her! When we pulled up in front of our house the dog got very excited and I held onto her collar and walked her towards our house. My new neighbor was by her front door and shockingly said "Where did you get my dog"?
I replied "I KNEW it was your dog"!
She was blown away and I was laughing to myself, knowing it was the law of attraction in action, once again!
It bonded us as neighbors and I now get to have a dog friend next door to borrow for walks and kisses anytime I want!

Oh...the dog got out because someone didn't latch the gate at her old place.
The probability of us driving by at the exact time, and taking the dog home with us, AND that my neighbor would be there to see us with the dog etc. was uncanny!

Today, I appreciate knowing that we are ALL looked after and we are ALWAYS taken care of.
All IS well!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Dog And Butterfly

A few weeks ago I posted a story in my blog called "Flirting With Love."
I mentioned how butterflies were showing up all around me and how fun that was to see. Well, so many coincidental and serendipitous things have been happening
since that I know now it's the Universe responding with the law of attraction.
It's uncanny how often little miracles and magical things are presenting themselves.
We've recently relocated to another town...almost an hour away from where we were when I wrote the post commenting on how butterflies are all around me.
A few days ago I heard the neighbors little mini chihuahua dog barking in the back yard. It was such a cute, happy yipping sound that I decided to see what was going on. I thought I'd find the owner and the dog playing with a ball or something. What I saw was the little dog dancing around by itself in circles, looking up at the trees and wagging it's tail. It kept doing this and I thought to myself, it must see something I don't. Then I noticed a butterfly go by right above the dogs head. It appeared to be teasing the dog. It would swoop down and then go back up just high enough so the dog couldn't catch it.The dog seemed to be enjoying the interaction and was spinning in circles and yipping. I thought it was cute but didn't think too much more about it.
The next day I heard the dog barking again so I looked out the window and saw him spinning in circles and looking up above him for the butterfly. I saw a butterfly flying around the dog again but didn't have the time to watch what was going on. Yesterday I heard the dog yipping again and I had some time to check it out a little longer. I watched from the bathroom window as the little dog jumped and spun and yipped with delight. He was clearly having a good time with this butterfly that was clearly playing with this dog!
I could hardly believe it, but then I could. It's been more the norm for my life lately! It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. The dog would chase the butterfly and the butterfly would get just close enough to almost let the dog jump up and touch it and then fly away. The butterfly would land on a tree branch or the fence and stay there while the dog was spinning and yipping, wagging it's tail waiting for more. The dog was having a blast and it seemed that the butterfly was too.
I had no idea that butterflies had that much consciousness and apparently a big sense of humor. Life is full of beauty and it keeps getting better and better!
Here's a cute video clip of penguins chasing a butterfly:

Today I appreciate all things in life that bring a smile to my face.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bringing The Soul Back Home

My friend Katya Williamson's newest book is now in print and available for purchase!
It's called Bringing The Soul Back Home-Writing In The New Consciousness.

It's published by O Books and can be found at:

Here's a review on her book:

This is an exciting book for people who want to explore writing and through writing- explore themselves. The magic here is the magic of what has always been present: that river of creativity that runs through every human being, the glory that is the earth itself, and the glory of the human body, the power of now and the power of believing in yourself. On her part, Katya Willliamson believes passionately in a democracy of writing. We are all part of something larger even as we all have a unique voice - something to offer the world. Anyone interested in discovering that voice, in digging a little deeper, in being a little more honest and a little more brave, will enjoy both the encouragement and the exercises to be found in this inspiring and practical guide to "writing in the new consciousness". Sharman Apt Russell, author, "Standing in the Light: My Life As a Pantheist"

Katya holds writing retreats in Hawaii, California and in England. I met her while she was staying next door to me on the North Shore of Oahu. She was there finishing the last chapters of her book. I had the privilege of receiving some private coaching from her. We would meet on my lanai for writing sessions with the sound of the waves and the chirping of geckos in the background.
Katya was instrumental in my following through with getting my book Danny And The Dolphin published. Thank You Katya , Thank You Universe, for bringing me Katya!
Her teaching and techniques in her book are easy to follow, helpful and very insightful.
Mostly what I've learned is to write what I feel, and write about my life experiences...writing from the heart, without thinking too much.
I love the stories and testimonials from the women that have attended her retreats.
Katya's gift of showing others how to release their inner beauty and share that with the world is something I appreciate and value immensely.
I know you will too. Get her book and see what you have to share with the world!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

You Are What You Think

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become." ~Buddha

It's true, whether we want to believe it or not. I've experimented with my own life and it's so amazing how good it gets when I have my focus on good things. Good seems to multiply and it keeps getting better and better when I make the effort to look for it.
I'm not immune to going the other direction though. I can certainly create my fair share of drama if I put my attention that way. Recently I was upset over something and let my thoughts snowball...without going too much into detail I created a few avalanches in my life experience! Fortunately I have a large bank of inspiring information I've exposed my mind to over the years, Abraham-Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Norman Vincent Peale, Catherine Ponder.
With this information, I've learned to dust myself off and deliberately redirect my thinking. It's not always easy, it's just too painful to stay in a negative state for very long, so I tend to reverse the direction sooner now.
I do this by finding something I can appreciate and then look for more.Then I'm back where I like to be....feeling good.

If you'd like some help in getting back on a feeling good path, here's some info I've gathered online that may be useful:

Some inspirational reading:

Here's a youtube video with Brian Tracy :

TINY FROGS There once was a bunch of tiny frogs ... who arranged a running competition. The goal was to reach the top of a very high tower. A big crowd had gathered around the tower to see the race and cheer on the contestants... The race began... No one in the crowd really believed that the tiny frogs would reach the top of the tower. You heard statements such as: "It turned out that the winner was DEAF!!!! The wisdom of this story: Never listen to other people's tendencies to be negative or pessimistic. They take your most wonderful dreams and wishes away from you -- the ones you have in your heart! Always think of the power words have. Everything you hear and read will affect your actions! BE POSITIVE! And above all, be DEAF when people tell you that you cannot fulfill your dreams!
Always think: I can do this!

You are what you think about AND you get what you think about.
What are you wanting to manifest in your life?

What are you thinking?

Today I appreciate knowing I can choose which direction I take in my life.
I appreciate the Law Of Attraction teachings.
I appreciate having a strong inner guidance.