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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oprah Goes To Megan Castran's House In Australia!!

    It's interesting what prompts change within us and when and where it happens. I unexpectedly had a life changing experience from watching this video clip. It's more of a feeling that I got that has shifted things for me.  It's taken me to a place of deeper understanding.  I first saw Megan Castran aka Jewel Chick in a video clip on the online group Co Creating Our Reality -  CCCOR is a site that I've been involved with for over a year now, it's the reason I started this blog. This group has helped transform my life in so many ways. It's called Co Creating because that's what we all do, we deliberately set our intentions and manifest our desires, while encouraging others to do the same. We share information, experiences, and we inspire and support each other in reaching our dreams. I started watching Megan's Jewel Chick youtube videos  and was instantly drawn to her charismatic personality and positive attitude. I find Megans real and open way she relates refreshing and enjoy her style and humor. I'm particularly impressed with her deliberate intention to manifest Oprah Winfrey to her home for taco night! I LOVE this, it has made a huge impact on my already powerful creating! I feel as if I've catapulted to a new level of understanding the Law Of Attraction and have gone from BELIEVING to KNOWING the LOA is real. I've had so many amazing experiences that have proven it works, you can read about them in my posts. My latest was intentionally attracting the dolphins to me! Somehow by watching this video clip with Oprah at Megan's house something shifted, It was a feeling I got in my belly, a knowing that there is something larger than ourselves out there that aligns our desires and helps us create our dreams. It's a beautiful thing to feel! I'm thrilled that Megan attracted Oprah to come to her house. I believe Megan's desire is WHY all of Oprah's show got to go to Australia! It's beyond amazing that by her deliberate intention all of Australia has had this awesome experience of Oprah's visit. Thank you Megan and  Oprah, for this incredible co creation! You've affirmed for ALL of us that the Law Of Attraction works, our Asking is heard! It worked for Megan, it works for me and it can work for YOU too! Life is much more fun when we KNOW we can and will have the life we want! Create the life you love and see what amazing things can happen!

(Below is the video that Megan made before Oprah came to Australia)

The Law Of Attraction And Swimming With Wild Dolphins

It was so amazing it seemed like a dream. A couple of years ago when I was on the Big Island of Hawaii I had an incredible opportunity to be in the dolphin pool at the Hilton Waikoloa on what they call Baby Watch. One of the female dolphins had delivered a baby and they needed interns to watch the baby around the clock, fortunately my session was during the day. I was thrilled when I found out I was going to get to be an intern. My job was to be under water with a snorkel and mask and document how many times the calf nursed, how many times she bumped her mother, how often she defecated and came up for air. The water was smelly and I felt like I was in a big fish bowl but
if this is what it took to have this experience I was willing to swallow a little dolphin grunge
When I first arrived I was told to lay still, to not draw attention to myself, but being the new kid in the
pool all the dolphins had to check me out to see who I was. One young female, she was actually the big sister to the new baby, kept coming up to me wanting to nibble on my legs and arms. Now it's one thing to see those smiling dolphin teeth when you're on the other side of the pool, but when you have a large open mouth coming up to you filled with shiny white teeth and you're in their territory, it's a little intimidating to say the least. There was a part of me that knew she just wanted to play and check me out and the other part of me that instinctively reacted to her approach and wanted to jump out of the water and save myself! I felt that if I allowed her to check me out and see who I was she would be fine with me being there. It felt similar to being a stranger in a dogs yard, the dog barks at you and when you reach a hand out for it to smell you then they're assured you're okay, I just wanted to pat her and let her check me out on her terms but the trainers kept telling me to ignore her.  It was so much fun being in the pool and getting to experience the mom and her new calf. I could hear their sonar clicking and communicating to one another. I felt like part of the pod. They're so happy and playful and when it was time to get out I didn't want to leave!

Living in Hawaii we have wild dolphins swimming in the ocean water everyday. I've heard so many stories from friends that have had the privilege of getting to swim with them. I told myself that one day I would be in the right place at the right time and have my chance to swim with them too. After a couple of years had gone by I realized that I didn't need to just hope and wait, I could prepave my dolphin experience like I've learned to do from reading Abraham Hicks teachings.
So I made an announcement on my facebook page that I would be swimming with dolphins soon. 
My husband and I had been swimming laps in Waimea Bay everyday for a few weeks with a couple of sea turtles that live there. Each day when I got in the water I would usually spot one of the turtles and swim behind it, along with many tropical fish, it was a beautiful way to exercise. Sometimes I wouldn't see the turtles until it was almost time to go so I started to prepave having the turtles show up when I first got there. Sure enough one or two would show up just where I was when I got in the water! This reminded me that if it was this easy to attract the turtles then I should try attracting the dolphins. 
The second day after I stated my intention on my facebook page, we were leaving the beach and I looked back at the water and said to my husband "I'm going to be swimming with the dolphins soon" and then we went home. The next day when we arrived at the bay I did what I normally do, laid my towel in the sand and sat down to look at what was going on in the water, usually there are paddle boards and kayaks and some swimmers. My jaw literally dropped when I saw the tips of the dolphin fins popping up out of the water...there were so many of them! They were out near some kayaks and it looked like a long way to swim. I didn't care..I grabbed my fins, mask and snorkel and swam as fast as I could, I wasn't going to miss out on this opportunity. I swam as hard and fast as I could and got out of breath, I knew they were just too far out for me to safely swim so I stopped. I thought to myself, I attracted these dolphins and I am going see them up close. So I started snapping my fingers under water...I don't know just seemed like a way to get their attention! I was thinking in my mind, Come on you guys...I've been waiting SO long to see you, come to me, come over to me as I continued to snap my fingers. Within a minute four of the dolphins swam about 100 yards away from their pod and came right up to me!! It was was like a dream. They were all close together and smiling and clicking and making their sonar sounds. I was astounded! I had to surface and adjust my mask that was seeping water because I had thrown it on so quickly. When I popped my head up I caught the beautiful view of one of the dolphins leaping out of the water and doing a flip in the air on their way back to their pod. It was just like in my book Danny and the Dolphin! So there you more documented case that the law of attraction works!! It works!! All we need to do is ASK and ALLOW and it IS given, just like in Abraham Hicks book Ask and it is Given! Go for your dreams, live the life you came here to live! Life is good and keeps getting better!