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Monday, February 14, 2011

Be The Love That You Want To See

   This morning my husband and I went to the zoo to take our walk, we've been going there several times a week to walk the trails and enjoy the beauty of nature. It feels good to be instantly transported from our everyday lives as a human with chores, schedules, bills and all the busy stuff that distracts us from the serenity that is instantly found, once we slow down. I love seeing all the animals and their sweet faces, hearing their sounds and songs. The bird aviary is one of my favorite places to walk. Inside is a waterfall with exotic tropical birds of  various shapes and sizes, amazing birds with exquisite colors, showing off  their calls. This morning they were all very active. The monkeys were particularly frisky, exhibiting some sexual behavior right there in front of all of us! We have a lot to learn from these creatures, they're actually freer than us in many ways even though they're behind bars and locked in. More free in their behavior and more allowing of what is. When I look around the zoo I see the hippos that don't have anything going on weight, the orangutans don't care that they're having a bad hair day, the giraffes aren't concerned that their necks might be too long and the anteater isn't thinking his nose is too large! I've come to appreciate their innocence and acceptance of who and how they are. There seems to be a level of self love that's inherent amongst them. What you see is what you get, no doubt, no worries and no problem!
My trips to the zoo have taught  me many things, one is, even though these animals would most likely rather be roaming free, choosing what they want throughout their days, they still live in grace. They choose to make the best of where they are, each moment of each new day. They choose love, to love themselves and to let those that come visit and watch their lives behind the glass and the bars, love them too. Free the animal  in you this Valentines Day, choose to love and accept yourself  and allow others to be who they are, each of us different and all so beautiful. Be the love you want to see in your world. It's a loving thing to do for the planet. I've noticed that the more I fall in love with myself, the more I fall in love with everything around me. Wishing you all a loving and happy Valentines Day!