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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote

You are meant to live an expansive, exhilarating, good-feeling experience. It was your plan when you made the decision to become focused in your physical body in this time-space reality. You were born knowing that you are a powerful Being; that you are good; that you are the creator of your experience, and that the Law of Attraction (the essence of that which is like unto itself, is drawn) is the basis of the Universe, and you knew it would serve you well. And so it has.
--- Abraham
Excerpted from the book "Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness" #303
Our Love,
Jerry and Esther

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Hawaiian Christmas

 Merry Christmas Everyone! May the love of Christmas be in your heart everyday.

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote

 You are the creator of your own life experience, and as the creator of your experience, it is important to understand that it is not by virtue of your action, not by virtue of your doing—it is not even by virtue of what you are saying—that you are creating. You are creating by virtue of the thought that you are offering.
You cannot speak or offer action without thought-vibration occurring at the same time; however, you are often offering a thought-vibration without offering words or action. Children or babies learn to mimic the vibration of the adults who surround them long before they learn to mimic their words.
--- Abraham
Excerpted from the book "Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness" #299
Our Love,
Jerry and Esther

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mele Kalikimaka Puka Shells Song

 Here's a fun island Christmas song for you all!

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote

Say yes to whatever it is. Because if you say yes to it and then you get in the middle of it, and you say, "Uh oh, this isn't really turning out the way I wanted it to," then out of that is born another desire. And as you say yes to that, then it turns out. And you say, "Well, it's still not quite right." So you have another desire... Until eventually you get it exactly right. You cannot get it wrong. No creation is ever complete. Just do it.
--- Abraham
Excerpted from the workshop in Tucson, AZ on Tuesday, February 15th, 2000 #298
Our Love,
Jerry and Esther

Friday, December 18, 2009

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote

 Desires and beliefs are just thoughts and thoughts. "Ask and it is given?" You ask through your wanting. You ask through your desire. That thing you call desire. That's the asking. You don't have to use your words. You just have to feel it in your being. That spark of desire. "I desire this. I want this. I adore this. I embrace this. I appreciate this. I..." That desire is the beginning of all attraction. The desire is what puts the eternalness in eternity.
--- Abraham
Excerpted from the workshop in San Diego, CA on Saturday, February 7th, 1998 #292
Our Love,
Jerry and Esther

Sunday, December 13, 2009

How To Be More Deliberate With Manifesting

Abraham-Hicks talks about  Setting Your Vibrational Tone:

Sometimes when we talk about asking, we know that our physical friends think what we mean by that is the asking that comes from words and while sometimes you do ask with your words,it is not that asking that we are wanting to call your attention
to. It is a vibrational asking, it is the natural impulse of desire, It is the desire that exists within you, that is
born out of that which you are perusing, that which you are considering. It is that decision that is made even
without the words that you are offering.
Sometimes you ask with your words and what we mean by that is sometimes the words that you are speaking
are a perfect vibrational match to the vibration that is within you.
But very often, the asking that is going on vibrationally is not the asking that you think it is.

We want to help you to understand how it is that you are asking and why it is that you are getting, or
why it is that you are not getting what it is you are wanting.
We're wanting you to understand that you are vibrational beings and you are focused in a vibrational universe
and when you are understanding the vibration that you are offering, then you understand the manifestation that is coming.
An easy way to hear that is what I am thinking and what I am receiving are always a vibrational match.
An even better way of saying it is, what I am thinking,or pondering, or remembering or imagining,or musing or
considering or focusing upon.That which I'm giving my attention to, is causing, an emotional reaction within me.
And that emotional reaction within me is my indicator of my vibration.
So it is always true, that what I'm thinking and feeling and what is manifesting is ALWAYS a match.
Some want to know how to offer the perfect vibration, so that they can create or manifest the perfect life experience.
We think that's a very good idea,that's what deliberate creating is.We also think it's equally important to relax and
lighten up and begin to observe the content of your manifestation, in order to more fully understand what
 your vibrational offering is. Because when you begin to make that correlation, when you begin to get it, that
what's coming to you in terms of actualization or manifestation is always a perfect vibrational match to
 what you've been feeling, then as you begin to pay more attention to what you've been feeling, you can understand
more clearly what's coming. And the best part of that is,once you begin to understand that what comes,
 comes in response to vibrational offering and you begin to learn how to deliberately offer your vibrational offering,
now you are really in this place of deliberate creating.
So, as you have an experience that gives you a better idea of what you are wanting, that wanting is a sort of birthing
of idea. And when that idea is born within you, there is power. That is the nugget of the universe, with that...
 new conclusion is formed within you. And in the moment that idea bursts forth within you, non physical
energy rushes to answer it. Because it is always true, every time, that when you ask it is always given.
Sometime people say to us, Abraham your teaching us fantasy, your teaching us denial, your teaching us fabrication,
your teaching us fiction, and we say, we're teaching you to set your vibrational tone. Because when you set your
 vibrational tone to something that pleases YOU. The universe will yield to you something that pleases YOU.
Sometime people will say to us, Abraham should I not face reality?
And we say "No" never face reality unless what you are living is perfect in every way. Then give it your full attention.
But what we would do is selectively sift, we would selectively sift through our reality and we would focus mostly on
things that please us.
Then people say to us, Abraham then you are teaching selfishness and we say indeed we are.
Because if you are not selfish enough to find vibrational harmony with source, then you have nothing to
give anyone else anyway.
If you are not paying attention to the way you feel, then you have no basis of knowing
which direction to go.
What many physical being are doing is they are looking at the results of the manifestations and they say,
these are good manifestations, we want more of them. We would vote for those.
But these are bad manifestations, we want not these, we would not vote for these.
And so as they are saying yes to these things and no to these things, they have a sort of mix in vibration that is not a vibrational match to what they are wanting and so the universe cannot yield to them what they
are really wanting because they are not a vibrational match to what they are really wanting and
law of attraction says, that which is like unto itself is drawn.

So here's what we would do if we were standing in your physical shoes:
We would make a decision that nothing is more important than that I feel good.
Because the way I feel is my true indicator of my vibrational harmony or my vibrational alignment
with the non physical energy.
So how does one go about, achieving vibrational harmony with well being.
well little by little you reach for thoughts that feel good,in other words it is an incremental thing.
You did not get to the place of not letting it in completely overnight, in other words,
 it was one thought you picked up along your physical trail at a time.
So for the most part we encourage just picking up more thoughts that feel good.
But you have to be selfish enough to say, nothing is more important than that I feel good.
A good manta is: Today no matter where I'm going, no matter what I'm doing, no matter who I'm doing it with,
it is my dominant intent to look for that which I'm wanting to see.
I'm wanting to look for that which makes me feel good when I see it. And as you begin to be a more a
more deliberate selective sifter where you look for things to
appreciate or you look for things to compliment on or you look for things to bask about.

You look for REASONS to feel good, .As you look for reasons to feel good, you find reasons to feel good.
And as you find reasons to feel good, you feel good. And as you feel good you let it in.
As you feel good you let clarity in. As you feel good you let abundance of well being, abundance
of all things that you consider to be good, you let in.

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote

The realization that something is not as you want it to be is an important first step, but once you have identified that, the faster you are able to turn your attention in the direction of a solution, the better, because a continuing exploration of the problem will prevent you from finding the solution. The problem is a different vibrational frequency than the solution—and all thoughts (or vibrations) are affected by (or managed by) the Law of Attraction.
--- Abraham
Excerpted from the book "Money and the Law of Attraction Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness" #287
Our Love,
Jerry and Esther

Friday, December 11, 2009

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote

Make a decision of what you want, give your attention there, find the feeling place of it -- and you're there instantly. There is no reason for you to suffer or struggle your way to or through anything.
--- Abraham
Excerpted from the workshop in Kansas City MO. on Sunday, August 29th, 1999 #285
Our Love, Jerry and Esther

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Recommended Reading

 I just finished reading this book. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to expand  their viewpoints regarding change.
I'm all  for security and stability, but I believe those things come within us. We can have a false sense of security with a job, insurance, savings, inheritance etc. The only thing we can depend on is change.
Things change, and my belief  is we can have control over how it changes, or at least the direction it's going in, if we're deliberate about what we're attracting.
Whether you believe it or not...what you put your attention on has a lot to do with what your future experiences will be.
I think it's wise to plan for the future. I think it's wiser to be very deliberate and plan to enjoy your life while creating the future you envision. I've found that the journey in life is where the joy is...not in the final destination.
Check out the book "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson. It's some food for thought, that just might get you out of the rat race!               ( I couldn't resist the puns.)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote

The Universe knows all things and is responding to the vibration that you are sending. When you are sending your vibration on purpose, you are orchestrating what the Universe is aligning for you.
--- Abraham
Excerpted from the workshop in  Atlanta GA. on Sunday, September 13th, 1998 #279
Our Love,
Jerry and Esther

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

May The Love Of Christmas Be In Your Heart Everyday

Love is a choice we make, each moment of each day.
We can let it shine everyday with anyone and everyone, or we can let it simmer until we decide to let it shine on special occasions like Christmas, weddings, anniversaries, Valentines Day, births, deaths, etc.
Wishing you all a wonderful love filled holiday season whether you celebrate Christmas or not. Love doesn't need a reason or a season.
Let your love light shine!

Being in the Caribbean and hearing Reggae music everywhere we go has reminded me of the Reggae style Christmas song that my husband and I recorded one year.
My husband Ken, and I, along with two of our kids and some friends, all collaborated to create this heartfelt song that I titled "Christmas Love." We recorded it about 8 years ago, without rehearsing or any dubbing of background noises etc. so there's a lot of hissing with some of the words. It sounds like a combination of Alvin And The Chipmunks and The Little Rascals singing but hey, it's the intention that counts...right?
I wrote the words, my husband wrote the music and played the beautiful guitar chords (he's an incredible guitarist) my step-son Chase played the cool keyboard (he's also a very talented musician)
and all of us, along with my son Michael, and some of our good friends, are singing.
It's comical but love filled.We had a lot of fun making it.
Click here to listen:

09 Track 9.wma

Christmas Love Lyrics
Christmas is a time for sharing, the love we feel inside.
Love we do not hide.
We want to wish you joy, love and tenderness.
Health and happiness.
May all your dreams come true.This we wish for you.
May the love of Christmas be in your heart, everyday.

~Aloha and Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote

 A very good career choice would be to gravitate toward those activities and to embrace those desires that harmonize with your core intentions, which are freedom and growth—and joy.
Make a "career" of living a happy life rather than trying to find work that will produce enough income that you can do things with your money that will then make you happy. When feeling happy is of paramount importance to you—and what you do "for a living" makes you happy—you have found the best of all  combination's. ---Abraham

Excerpted from the book "Money and the Law of Attraction, Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness" #274
Our Love,
Jerry and Esther

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote

  As you look for a better-feeling way to approach whatever you are giving your attention to; as you continue to ask yourself, from your ever-changing vantage point, "What is it that I do want?" eventually you will be standing in a very pleasing place—for you cannot continually ask yourself what it is that you do want without your point of attraction beginning to pivot in that direction. . . . The process will be gradual, but your continued application of the process will yield wonderful results in only a few days.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Are You Going In The Direction Of Your Desires?

Do you KNOW what direction you're heading in?
Do you have a goals?
Being deliberate about your actions and keeping a positive vibration going is really the only way to be sure you're heading in the direction of your desires.
Here's something by Abraham-Hicks that may be helpful in making sure you're going in the direction you want: Whatever you are giving your attention to is already vibrating. And when you give your attention to it, if you maintain your focus for as little as 17 seconds, you begin to include its vibration, whatever it is, in your vibration.

The Direction Of Your Desire
Abraham -Hicks

We see a lot of you making the worst of it over and over again. And do you know why you do that? It's for very well-meaning reasons. You make the worst of it because, at every level of your Being, you understand that you are supposed to feel good and that things are supposed to go well for you. And when they don't, you're, sort of, freaking out on even very deep levels, there's something that makes you want to shout "Somebody should call somebody about this! Somebody should call somebody and somebody should fix something, so that my life goes better," because you were born with that promise in place. You were born knowing that you are the center of the Universe. You were born knowing that the resources of All-That-Is would back you up. So when somethings going freakishly wrong, we understand your consternation. We understand how frustrating it must be or how dis-empowering it must feel. But we want to say to you, all you have to do is make the best effort you can right now, to fork a little bit in the direction of what you want - that's all the work is.

Every moment of every day, you have these forks where you can go closer toward something that you want or further from something that you want.

You want to demand the world give you what you want. And we say, the world cannot give you what you are demanding. The world is giving you what you're attracting. The world cannot give you what you're demanding; the world is giving you what you're offering vibrationally and nobody can change what you're offering vibrationally - but you. We think the reason that you may not be very good at it, yet, is because you want to change too much, too fast. You want the manifestation to change, right now. And we want you to just take this opportunity to mold your vibration. Because as you take this opportunity to mold your vibration and this one and this one and this one and this one, not only do you feel better along the way, not only do you have more friendly clerks across the counter, not only do you uplift rather than make people feel terrible, you feel better along your way. Your journey is brighter and brighter. And ah, the manifestations that reach out to you, the people that you rendezvous with, they are equivalent to the vibrational forks that you take in the road.

You are the creator of your own reality because you are the chooser of the thought right now. Don't be hard on yourself. If you're standing in a place where you've been chopped off at the knees, where you've been hit in the gut, where you're feeling awful, don't feel bad. Don't beat up on yourself for not being able to choose the best thought you've ever thought. Just choose the best thought you can find from where you are, In other words, just fork off gently in the direction of what is important to you. And before you know it, your path will get brighter and sweeter and brighter and sweeter. And the people who watch you will say, "You know, you amaze me. Things go well everywhere you go. Why is that so?" And you say, "I've come to expect it." And many of them will say, "Agh." They don't want to hear how you expect things to go well. They'll say, "Oh, that's because you're rich. Oh, that's because you have an entourage that travels with you." We promise you, no entourage can buck your current. There is no one in the world who can prepare your path for you, you see. You are all as rich as everyone else because you all have the resources of the Universe at your fingertips. And when you take the time, when you care enough to take the time to find the better-feeling thought, now, you're moving toward something that will please you.

Every step you take, you are marching toward a manifestation. And if you feel good while you're stepping - you are marching, marching, marching toward things that are going to delight you when they get there. And if you are ornery, if you're unhappy, if you are frustrated, if you are blameful, if you are angry, if you are hateful, if you are revengeful, if you are fearful, if you are depressed - you are marching, marching, marching toward things that are going to augment that feeling of depression, of anger, of frustration. In other words, the way you feel must net you more stuff that feels like the way you feel.

The better it gets, the better it gets, the better it gets, the worse it gets; the worse it gets, the worse it gets. You cannot defy the Laws of the Universe.
Please give it up! Stop trying to use your words and your action for the stuff that attitude, mood and vibration are to do. In other words, mold yourself into place. Do the vibrational work before you do the action work; the action work will be a fraction of what it has been.

If you take the time to do the vibrational work first, you won't have to offer nearly as much action. You'll begin to discover that the things that are important for you just unfold for you because the Universe is at your fingertips. The fairies of the Universe are there for you. You are the center of an enormous entourage that means to please you.

And when you, through your magnificent deciphering of contrast, give birth to a rocket of desire, that rocket of desire is duly noted, understood and absolutely agreed with by all of the resources of the Universe. And now all you've got to do, is to get in the vibrational compliance with what you are asking for. (Isn't that nice to know?)

There are three steps to the Creative Process:

Step One: you don't have to worry about; contrast makes you take that step. Contrast causes you to desire or focus or preference.

Step Two: not your work, anyway. Source and all of the resources of Source answer your request. That's that vibrational alignment. That's that one point of vibrational relativity which happens instantaneously.

So, your only work is Step Three. And Step Three is:

Can I find a thought right now that feels a little better than the thought I've been thinking? That's all Step Three is. Finding a thought that causes me to feel a vibration (or a feeling) of relief. So, there is allowing of what I want or disallowing of what I want. There is allowing of what I want or resisting what I want. You are either practicing the art of allowing or the art of resisting. When you're forking off toward things you want, you're practicing the art of allowing. When you're forking off to things you don't want, you're practicing the art of resistance. And every day and every moment of your life experience is a perfect reflection of how you've been forking.

Here's an uplifting website with helpful information:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good Thing It Wasn't A Coconut

Fifteen years ago, when my son was 3 years old, we lived on the island of Maui in Hawaii. We'd often go to a private waterfall to swim which required hiking in through a bit of jungle. On the way back from the falls one day, we noticed a big papaya tree with some nice ripe papayas on it. We wanted to take some home with us, so we found a long stick and shook a large papaya off the tree. It came down hard and fast, falling right where my son was standing. The stem of the papaya nicked his forehead, cutting him above his eye.
A couple of days later while shopping, a local Hawaiian woman asked me what happened to his forehead, since he now had a scab where the papaya hit him. I told the woman that a papaya fell on him, she smiled real big and said "Oh...good thing it wasn't a coconut!"
To this day I'll think of what that woman said when things are challenging or I feel like I was a victim somehow. It could always be worse. It could have been a coconut that hit him.
Recently my husband and I have had some challenges that we could have considered unlucky. We're traveling in the Caribbean right now and were staying for a week in a beautiful old Mediterranean style house that had the most incredible ocean view that I've ever seen anywhere. The second night we were there it stormed and rained harder than it has all year. There was thunder and lightening and it was a bit scary. Then the roof started 7 different places! Two of the places were over the bed...another directly over the toilet, so when you used the toilet you'd get soaked.
I thought of getting the umbrella to keep dry but then it stopped raining. By that time we had a small river running through the place so we gathered all the towels we could find to soak up the water. The rain left the ceiling above the toilet in the bathroom soggy and needing repair, pieces of plaster were crumbling down and falling on the floor. It didn't rain again for 2 days, then early the next morning it started coming down really hard. I woke up  from the sound and got up to use the bathroom. Water was dripping on my head from the leak above the toilet. About 3 minutes after I had gone back to bed I heard a loud crash. My husband and I wondered what it might be, he went to look around but didn't see anything. It wasn't until a little later when I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth that I noticed the huge chunks of plaster in the toilet and all over the floor. The leak made the plaster heavy and a big piece fell off right into the toilet where I had been just minutes earlier. Good thing I wasn't there or it would have hit me on the head and by the way it sounded it would have hurt.
So the moral of this story is, it could always be worse. We used this as an opportunity to look for the ways we were lucky.
It was a good thing the storm waited until we were off the plane before it hit, flying during that would have been frightening. It's a good thing that we got all of our luggage into the house before it rained for hours without stopping. And it's a good thing the leaks above the bed woke us up or we wouldn't have seen the streams of water running through the house heading right for all of our luggage!
Oh...after the rain stopped, the refrigerator motor went out and we had no's a good thing we were only staying a week!
We actually had a wonderful relaxing time and feel really blessed to have had the time in this lovely home.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote

A belief is nothing more than a chronic pattern of thought, and you have the ability—if you try even a little bit—to begin a new pattern, to tell a new story, to achieve a different vibration, to change your point of attraction. The Law of Attraction is responding to your vibration, and you can easily change your vibrational point of attraction by visualizing the lifestyle you desire and holding your attention upon those images until you begin to feel relief, which will indicate that a true vibrational shift has occurred.

You see, you're giving others too much power as you even acknowledge how they make you feel. What you've got to decide is how I'm going to feel. We would go to a Virtual Reality and we would practice feeling good. Manifestations come on the heels of what you've conjured in thought
--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in North Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, March 2nd, 2002

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote

Here is the Abraham-Hicks daily quote that I receive in my email each day. It's not coincidence that it reflects the the topic I posted yesterday.
That's how the law of attraction works. It's really fun to see.

Life Will Always Be Working Out for Me. . .

I like understanding that things are always evolving, and while there are many things that could be better where I am, it is not really a problem because "where I am" is constantly changing to something better. I like knowing that as I look for the best things around me where I am, those things become more prevalent in my experience.

It is fun to know that things are always working out for me, and as I watch for the evidence of that . . . I see more evidence of that every day.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the book "Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth & Happiness"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Expand Your Havingness

I have a friend that is such a delight to be around and it's because she's happy.
One way she stays happy is by continually acknowledging all the good she has in her life. It may seem trivial, but hearing her mention how much fun she had shopping at a yard sale we went to and talking in detail about the great lunch we just had makes it more pleasurable to be around her. It allows me to relive the moment again and again, and each time it's just as pleasurable as the first. It also helps me to develop the habit of noticing how nice things are in my own life.
We live in a society that focuses on looking at what's wrong. The media is a classic example of this. Socially, it's perfectly acceptable to talk about your latest ailments or surgery publicly, but taboo to speak of having had great sex or even mentioning how thrilled you are to be making a lot of money or having an exceptionally great time. That's considered bragging.
I have a relative that can afford to travel a lot. She only has to work a couple of days a week and can take off whenever she wants. She's been having a blast seeing the world. I think it's wonderful, but some people are envious of her lifestyle.
If we're really living the life we desire and going after our own dreams, then we'd be truly happy when we see others succeeding and having a fun life.
So I'm inviting you to try an experiment, to deliberately look for good in your daily life. Behave as if good things are just around the corner waiting for you to find them. You'll be amazed at how much beauty you'll begin to see and how much
'good luck' you'll start to have. Life is what we make it. Dreams happen when we're enjoying ourselves, that is when we're in a state of allowing the miracles of the universe in. If you acknowledge all the good you already have, and make every segment in your day as pleasant as possible, then what you'll end up with is a happy, special life. See how much fun you can have, each moment of each day.

Here are a couple of Abraham-Hicks videos on appreciation and having more of what you want in life:


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Expect What You Want

What do you expect out of life? What are you wanting?
When you expect that things will work out the way you like, and expect that things will get better and better, they do.
Here are a couple of Abraham-Hicks videos telling How To Get More Of What You're Wanting.

Abraham-Hicks Daily quote

Whatever you are giving your attention to is already vibrating. And when you give your attention to it, if you maintain your focus for as little as 17 seconds, you begin to include its vibration, whatever it is, in your vibration. When you see something you want, and you give it your attention, and you say yes to it, you are including whatever its vibration is in your vibration. When you see something you do not want, and you shout no at it, you are including whatever its vibration is in your vibration. In this vibrational world, which is everything, you are far more vibrational beings than you are verbal beings. You are communicating with everyone far more on a vibrational basis, than you are on a verbal basis.
--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Portland, OR on Sunday, July 11th, 1999

Friday, November 6, 2009

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote

You have more harmony points with every person on the planet than you have disharmony points, because there is much more of you that is in harmony with your Core than you realize or that most of you allow. The closer you come to being in harmony with your Source Energy, the more in harmony you are with each other. When you think about other people and what they think of you, do you understand that what they think of you has very little to do with what you are? It has mostly to do with the habits of thought that they have developed. It has more to do with them as thinkers than it does with you as the subject of their thought. If nothing is more important to you than that you feel good, you can form a fantasy about someone who is in your life and they will begin to modify to meet your fantasy, because Law of Attraction is a very powerful thing.

Excerpted from the workshop in Asheville, NC, on Saturday, September 5th, 1998

Our Love,
Jerry and Esther

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote

Is it reality, or is it not reality? All things are reality.
Even if only one is imagining it, it is a reality in that the thought has been offered and someone, who has the ability to translate that vibration, will perceive it. It must be fair to say that anything that can be perceived must be reality. Because, as creators, your reality depends upon what you are willing to imagine and allow.

Excerpted from the workshop in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, August 19th, 2000

Our Love,
Jerry and Esther

In The Vortex

Do you know what In The Vortex means?
Maybe everything you want already comes to you as you want it, with no resistance. If so, you're living In The Vortex. If you'd like to have some tools to help create what you want faster and more often, then check out these clips and the new book The Vortex by Abraham-Hicks:

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where To Find Happiness

How happy are you?

Would you say that you're happy, most of the time, sometimes or perhaps not very often.

Would you like to be happier?
What do you believe makes you happy?

Some of the things I've noticed that bring me happiness are, having a plan and seeing that I'm moving towards my goals. Having fun doing things that are fun for me, like snorkeling, swimming in the ocean, laying in the sun, hiking, most anything outdoors, in nice weather. Being so completely engaged in something, like writing, watching a good movie, gardening or some project where time doesn't exist. Spending my time as I choose, having control over what I do each day makes me happy. My cats add to my happiness, having loving, positive, happy people in my life adds to my happiness. Seeing other peoples success and happiness makes me happy. I've noticed I'm the happiest when I'm doing what I really want to be doing in life and not what I think I'm suppose to be doing. It's much easier to appreciate what I have, when it's what I want. I'm also less likely to be concerned with what others are doing or saying because I'm enjoying my life too much to care.

The Abraham-Hicks exercise "The Rampage Of Appreciation" found in their book Ask and It is Given is an excellent way to develop your appreciation muscle for looking at what's good and right in life.

Also Barbara De Angelis has written a book called Real Moments that describes how our lives are made up of many little moments that bring us happiness.

Did you know that Barbara DeAngelis was married to John Gray the author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus?
They were both involved with the TM (Transcendental Meditation) movement back in the 70's.

Here's a link to her book Real Moments:

A quote by Barbara DeAngelis : "Love is a choice you make from moment to moment."
I agree and believe the same thing about happiness.

Here's a good article about happiness that I found online:

Written by Alex Blackwell

How we achieve happiness can be different for each one of us. Our passions, expectations, life experiences, and even our personalities all contribute to the level of happiness we experience in our lives. Some find happiness in their careers while others prefer the bliss found in their marriages or other intimate relationship.

No matter how you define happiness for yourself, there are certain universal and time-proven strategies to bring, and sustain, more happiness into your life. The following 14 ways to live a happy life can be adapted and even customized to fit your needs. Over time, these strategies will become positive and life-changing habits that will begin to bring more happiness, joy and peace into your life.

1. Notice What’s Right

Some of us see the glass as being half-full, while others see the glass as half-empty. The next time you are caught in traffic, begin thinking how nice it is to have a few moments to reflect on the day, focus on a problem you have been trying to solve, or brainstorm on your next big idea. The next time you are in a slow line at the grocery store, take the opportunity to talk to the person near you or pick up a magazine and do some reading. Take all that life throws out you and re-frame it with what’s right about the situation. At the end of the day, you will be more content, peaceful and happy. Take the time to begin to notice what’s right and see the world change in front of your eyes.

2. Be Grateful

How many times do you say the words “thank you,” in a day? How many times do you hear these same words? If you are doing the first thing, saying the “thank yous,” the latter will naturally happen. Learn to be grateful and you will be open to receive an abundance of joy and happiness.

3. Remember the Kid You Were

Do you remember how to play? I’m not referring to playing a round of golf or a set of tennis. I’m talking about playing like you did when you were a child – a game of tag; leap frog, or street baseball when the bat is a broken broom handle and the bases are the parked cars. One way to find or maintain your happiness is to remember the kid you were and play!

4. Be Kind

There is no question that by merely watching acts of kindness creates a significant elevation in our moods and increases the desire for us to perform good deeds as well. Kindness is indeed contagious and when we make a commitment to be kind to ourselves and to others we can experience new heights of joy, happiness and enthusiasm for our lives.

5. Spend Time with Your Friends

Although an abundant social and romantic life does not itself guarantee joy, it does have a huge impact on our happiness. Learn to spend time with your friends and make the friendships a priority in your life.


6. Savor Every Moment

To be in the moment is to live in the moment. Too often we are thinking ahead or looking ahead to the next event or circumstance in our lives, not appreciating the “here and now.” When we savor every moment, we are savoring the happiness in our lives.

7. Rest

There are times when we need the time to unwind, decompress, or to put it simply, just “to chill.” Life comes at all of us hard and fast. Time, as do the days on the calendar, keeps going forward at its own natural pace, which is not always the pace we would choose. Fatigue, stress and exhaustion may begin to settle in on us faster than we may think, or notice. The best remedy for this is indeed rest.

8. Move!

The expression a “runner’s high” does not infer an addiction, but a feeling or a state of mind – a state of euphoria. There is no question exercise, or any physical exertion, elevates your mood and enhances a more positive attitude as well as fosters better personal self-esteem and confidence. Indeed, one way to increase your happiness is to move!


9. Put on a Happy Face

Sometimes we have to fake it until we make it. I’m not suggesting that we not be honest, real or authentic, but I’m suggesting, sometimes, we just need to put on a happy face and keep moving forward. Researchers claim that smiling and looking like we are happy will indeed make us happier. Studies further show that if we act like we are happy then we can experience greater joy and happiness in our lives.

10. Pursue Your Goals

The absence of goals in our lives, or more specifically avoiding to pursue our goals, makes us feel like we are stuck and ineffective. The pursuit of goals in our personal lives, in our relationships, or with our careers, is the difference between having a mediocre life or a life full of passion and enthusiasm. pursue your goals and watch your happiness soar.

11. Finding Your Calling

Some find meaning in religion or spirituality while others find purpose in their work or relationships. Finding your calling may be much more than accomplishing one simple strategy for increasing your happiness, but having a sense of purpose – of feeling like you are here for a reason – can perhaps bring the greatest joy of all

12. Get into the Flow

Flow is the form of joy, excitement and happiness that occurs when we are so absorbed in an activity we love that we can loose ourselves and time seems to stand still. What creates flow is unique to each one of us. To find and sustain true happiness in our lives, we must get off the sidelines and get into the flow.

13. Play to Your Strengths

One way to achieve flow is by understanding and identifying our strengths and core values, and then begin to use these every day. Once we aware of our strengths and we begin to play to your strengths we can better incorporate them in all aspects of our lives.

14. Don’t Overdo It

Know when to say when. What gives you joy and happiness the first time may not work the second time. Too much of a good thing may begin not to feel as good if the “thing” becomes more of a routine, or an expectation. Set healthy and reasonable boundaries for yourself and don’t overdo it.

This guest article was written by Alex Blackwell. Alex writes about how to improve relationships, sustain happiness and create lasting success at his blog The Next 45 Years. If you liked this article, you may also enjoy 7 Practical Personal Development Strategies.

Some links to exploring happiness:

Hope some of these tips were helpful.
Enjoy your day, enjoy your life!

A Happy Life

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote

A happy life is just a string of happy moments. But most people don't allow

the happy moment, because they're so busy trying to get a happy life.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Sacramento, CA on Saturday, March 15th, 2003

Our Love,
Jerry and Esther

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote

This is the first of a series of Abraham-Hicks daily quotes that I'll be posting:

Daily Law of Attraction Quotation

The most valuable skill or talent that you could ever develop is that of directing your thoughts toward what you want—to be adept at quickly evaluating all situations and then quickly coming to the conclusion of what you most want—and then giving your undivided attention to that. There is a tremendous skill in deliberately directing your own thoughts that will yield results that cannot be compared with results that mere action can provide.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Is Your Life Dream?

And WHAT will it take to get there?

Are you one to day dream and think that it only happens to the lucky few?
Do you realize that those lucky few are actually doing what it takes to make their dreams a reality?
You can be one of the lucky people if you're willing to do what it takes.

I was inspired to write this after reading a blog post by my friend Angela over at My Year Without Spending.

Angela and I were best friends when we were 6 years old. We lived next door to each other in Southern California and share a lot of the same childhood memories. We lost contact for years and have recently been in communication again. It's amazing that after so many years we still have things in common. It makes me wonder if we choose our companions in life before we actually get here!
Here's her blog post:

How much $ do you need to live your dream?

by Angela Barton

That's the question they're asking at Married With Luggage this week, as they launch a series called "How we saved enough money to change our lives and how you can, too." It's all about the planning, saving, and lifestyle changes that will make it happen. Click here to read the post that kicks off the series.

For Betsy and Warren, their dream is to travel the world for a year, and they're counting down the days. Your dream may be the same, or it may be something completely different, but whatever it is, it takes work to make it happen. But if you've ever talked to anyone who has lived their dream - whether it's to travel the world, get out of their corporate job to join the Peace Corps, live in another country, write a book, or simply do the work they love - it takes a plan, discipline, and hard work to pull it off.

Married With Luggage shows you how to put it all together, in a way that's user-friendly, inspirational, and fun. So check it out, if you haven't already. It's one of my favorite blogs, so I have mentioned it before.

What's your dream? Are you pursuing it now, or is it more of a fuzzy fantasy that takes place in the distant future? Or maybe you feel like you're just keeping your head above water as it is. Or maybe... you're living your dream right now.

The fuzzy fantasy part is what got to me.
So many of us will live our entire lives dreaming of that some day...having a fuzzy fantasy.
So ask yourself what your life dream is ?
What are the practical steps you need to engage in to let the universe know that you're signaling what you want?
Personally I've found the Abraham -Hicks material inspiring and helpful in practical ways.
Here's the link to their web site:

My book Danny And The Dolphin was written in a children's style but is really a book for all ages. Adults as well as children can read about believing in their dreams and find some useful 'how to' tools to make those dreams come true.

Life is SO much more fun when you're persuing your dreams and living them.
It turns the 'have to' into 'want to' because you begin to see that by doing those things you're getting closer to having what you want.
Just like exercising and eating healthy. You don't get there by accident.
So start today...begin the journey of your life.
It's YOUR life and we each have our own wonderful dreams to live out.
I believe if we all reach for our dreams that the world will be a much happier place for everyone.
Have fun.

Here are some sites I've found that may be helpful:

This looks like insightful reading. I haven't personally read it but it looks like it will awaken ideas:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thank You Hawaii Book Blog!

Thank you Hawaii Book Blog for the write up and support!
I was featured on their website...

Check out to see other books available from local authors in the Hawaiian Islands.
Danny and the Dolphin is now published!
I got the physical proof in the mail on my birthday a couple of weeks ago! It's the BEST birthday gift I could have ever received. After over a year of designing the interior and working on publishing it's complete...we're changing the size a little and making it a hard cover rather than a soft, but it's ready for print!
It's exciting to know that it will be available for you all to read just a couple more weeks! (I've been saying that for a long time now but this time it REALLY is just a couple more weeks...sounds like false labor)
My friend Katya Williamson (author of bringing the Soul Back Home) told me that creating a book is like being pregnant and the publishing is like the birth of a takes months to create and then it's here forever. It really has been a lot more work than I ever imagined and I now have a new appreciation for the arts... film, paintings, music, and's all very time consuming and such a labor of love. Much like parenting!
I 'm SO appreciative for everyone that helped with this project: Editors, Katya Williamson and Angela Barton Bluewater Graphics, Captain Budd, and Rebbecca Byder for their photo shop and computer skills, Kimberly Martin at Self Mill city Press my husband Ken for his loving support and for keeping us afloat, and especially to Dan Mackin for his amazing art work.
Thank you SO much Dan! Your beautiful art has made my story come to life. We've created a really beautiful book together that I am so happy with and VERY proud of!

While waiting for Danny And The Dolphin to arrive, I've started working on my next project. If anyone out there would like to be a part of my next book then please send your Law Of Attraction stories and testimonials to me at my email:
Thanks so much! ~Aloha

This is what Hawaii Book Blog posted:

Do you live by the Law of Attraction?

posted by A.Alba


If the answer to this question is yes, then you could be the person that Kate Sommers is looking for. Kate is a writer living in Hawaii whose first published book, Danny and the Dolphin will be released in a few weeks. The book is a short story about creating your life the way you love. She is looking for anyone who has a testimonial or story of success with deliberate creating and the Law of Attraction that she can incorporate into her new book. For further details on this opportunity, I invite you to visit her blog:

Creating A Life I Love.

You can also visit her official website here.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Key To Success

"Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be" - George Sheehan

Success Inspirational Quotes

"Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It's quite simple, really. Double your rate of failure. You're thinking of failure as the enemy of success. But it isn't at all... you can be discouraged by failure, or you can learn from it. So go ahead and make mistakes. Make all you can. Because, remember that's where you'll find success. On the far side - Thomas J. Watson

"The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure." - Sven Goran Eriksson

"Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful."-Mark Victor Hansen

"You are the embodiment of the information you choose to accept and act upon. To change your circumstances you need to change your thinking and subsequent actions." - Adlin Sinclair

"Success is focusing the full power of all you are on what you have a burning desire to achieve." - Wilfred Peterson

"The road to success is always under construction." - Lily Tomlin

"The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it." - Ray Kroc

More Success Inspirational Quotes

"You might well remember that nothing can bring you success but yourself." - Napoleon Hill

"The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary." - Donald Kendall

"Success is steady progress toward one's personal goals." - Jim Rohn

"Success is a welcomed gift for the uninhibited mind." - Adlin Sinclair

"The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Most people spend 90% of their time on what they're not best at ... and ... only 10% of their time on their best ability. Successful people delegate that 90%...and ... are thus able to spend all their time on their "unique" ability." - Gary Halbert

Opportunity Inspirational Quotes

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Peter Drucker

"The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake - you can't learn anything from being perfect." - Adam Osborne

"Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other." - Bill Gates

"You give before you get." - Napoleon Hill

"The freedom to move forward to new opportunities and to produce results comes from living in the present not the past." - Brian Koslow

"Do not quit! Hundreds of times I have watched people throw in the towel at the one-yard line while someone else comes along and makes a fortune by just going that extra yard." - E. Joseph Cossman

"The most life-destroying word of all is the word tomorrow." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Life has no limitations, except the ones you make." - Les Brown

"Time management is life management." - Robin Sharma

"People have within their own hands the tools to fashion their own destiny." - Murry Lincoln

"If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." - Thomas Edison

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." - Albert Einstein

Leadership Inspriational Quotes

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." - John C. Maxwell

"The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership." - Harvey S. Firestone

"Leadership is unlocking people's potential to become better." - Bill Bradley

"Leadership is action, not position." - Donald H. McGannon

"Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Don't wait. The time will never be just right." - Napoleon Hill

"As long as your going to be thinking anyway, think big." - Donald Trump

"You can achieve anything you want in life if you have the courage to dream it, the intelligence to make a realistic plan, and the will to see that plan through to the end." - Sidney A. Friedman

Here's a blog that offers ideas on self employment:

This is an article about creating, from Rat Race Escape Artists:
The concept of visualization is not new. NOBODY becomes successful "accidentally". You must have a clear picture of where you want to go.
Mind Movies, as well as their predecessor, vision boards, are based on numerous scientific studies about how the brain works. Among other things, when the mind believes something to be fact, even if it is not yet fact, the brain behaves as if that thing is indeed a fact. This is controlled by the part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System, or RAS. It can't distinguish between reality and imagination. Vision boards / Mind Movies exploit this fact, to condition the brain to believe affirmations. Thus, numerous people have "conditioned" their minds to believe their aspirations. And these aspirations have come true.
Books such as "Think and Grow Rich", "The Science of Getting Rich", "The Secret", "The Success Principles", and "The Breakout Principle" are based on this fact.
It's not at all limited to wealth accumulation, either. Back in 1954, the man who broke the 4-minute barrier for running a mile, Roger Bannister, did so without any precedent. No one had ever run a mile in under 4 minutes before. In 1943 the world record for the 1 mile race was set at 4 minutes and 2 seconds. That record stood for an amazing 11 YEARS. Until Roger Bannister came along. Through powerful visualization and intent, and after numerous tries, he ran the first sub 4-minute mile in HISTORY.
But that's not the AMAZING part.
Just six weeks later, John Landy, Bannister's arch-rival, took a further 2 seconds off Bannister's time. In fact, the 4-minute barrier was broken 26 TIMES in the following year!
A mental barrier had been broken.
Until Roger Bannister did it, virtually everyone, including doctors, believed that it was physically impossible for the human body to run a mile in under four minutes.
Roger Bannister used visualization to go over the race in his head, repeatedly. Each time he visualized himself breaking the 4-minute barrier.
In actual fact he had broken the four minute barrier maybe hundreds of times by the time he attempted it on that historical day.
When race day came, he had no doubt whatsoever that he would break the four minute barrier as he had already achieved it so many times in his mind.
Put another way, he created enormously powerful emotional memories of his desired goal. And that made it a reality.

Here's a clip of Roger Bannister :

Other famous people who have used visualization to attain their success include:
  • Bruce Lee
  • Jim Carrey
  • Michael Jordan
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Isaac Newton
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • Thomas Edison
  • Albert Einstein
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Henry Ford
  • Carl Lewis
  • Tiger Woods
  • Bruce Jenner
  • Nancy Kerrigan
  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Winston Churchill
  • Tony Robbins
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • Jack Canfield
  • Matt Damon
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Billy Joel
  • Ellen Degeneres
  • Oprah Winfrey
All these individuals used positive affirmations, and powerful visualization, to bring their dreams to life. Vision boards aid this sort of visualization. Mind Movies, even more so.

Here's an example of a mind movie:

Here's where to order the mind movie kit:

Here you can find out how to make a vision board:

You hold your own key to Success. Go ahead and use it.
Make your life what you've always wanted it to be. It's NEVER too late.
NOW is the best time to start living the life you love.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

There's Something Happening Here!

There's definitely something happening here,
and what it is, it's so very clear.
It's the Law Of Attraction In Action!
It's happening so often and so consistently I KNOW it's not just coincidence.
And all the bright neon signs in front of me, there's no denying that being deliberate, and living intentionally works.
It works, it works, it works!!
A few days ago, actually it was Saturday night, I downloaded an E-book from Lisa Valencia called "If She Can Do It So Can I." (I wrote about it in my last blog entry.)
Lisa had a dream of moving to Costa Rica and she made it happen. She writes about her real life experience and adventures. I received an email from her thanking me for my online order. I wrote back letting her know how much I enjoyed reading about her travels and her life. The way she writes is like being with a friend telling a good story. I really enjoyed it and couldn't put it down. That evening I finally put the E-book down long enough to watch a DVD I had ordered from Netflix. It was a DVD of "The Secret." I'd watched it a while back with my husband and wasn't too impressed, I guess I was expecting more since so many had been raving about it for so long. I decided to give it another try. This time I looked for what I DID like about it. I found a lot of things that I didn't notice the first time.The first time I was busy critiquing it. I liked the level of manifesting that the people in it have acquired, it was impressive.I like how positive all of them are and that inspired me. I like seeing that these people were no different than you or I (some of them had some serious hardship in their lives) and the only difference is THEY went towards what they wanted and believed.
They were successful because they did what it took to get there AND they kept believing in their vision. I'm writing this not to tell you that I watched the Secret again and this time I liked it...
I'm writing this because the most amazing thing happened.The next day, I got an email back from Lisa Valencia and she told me how much it meant to her to receive my email. She also mentioned that she had watched The Secret that day (Saturday) and it was uplifting. She had also seen it before. So here we are, two people that didn't know each other the day before, in two different parts of the world, watching the Secret about the same time....and that she would even mention watching it in her email.
Now tell me if that isn't a message from something much bigger than ourselves?
Law Of Attraction is real. It is! Just like gravity is real.
Intentional living works! It just does...try it and you'll see for yourself. It makes life so much more fun.
Check out some of my past blog posts if you want to read some amazing examples...too amazing to be just coincidence.
Beautiful Fruit- About manifesting a place to live on an acre with a beautiful organic fruit orchard!
A Great Law Of Attraction Story- The story of finding our new neighbors dog a couple of miles away and we had never seen the dog before, but knew it was hers.
Today Is Your Lucky Day- After writing a blog post titled Today Is Your Lucky Day, I heard that same phrase within an hour from two different people.
Believe-The story of meeting my estranged biological father after 44 years...and he was living 40 minutes from where I was living at the time.
A Mothers Love- This is about missing my daughter and meeting the young man from Italy on the beach in Hawaii that was missing his mother.
It goes on and on...too many stories to write about.I have things happening everyday...all day.
It so much fun...most of the time. If I'm not disciplined with my thoughts, all kinds of interesting things can happen. Some, obviously from what I had my attention on and other things by default.

Here's another law of attraction manifestation from an email I received yesterday.
It's A message from Liz Green of - Live Your Dream with the Law of Attraction on Powerful Intentions: Law of Attraction Community:

"Liz Green founder of Live Your Dream Mentoring took the final step in her life changing journey of free enterprise. A life of total freedom and choice away from Corporate stresses."

-- Monday 21st September 2009, for Liz Green of Live Your Dream Mentoring, this is a day which will go down in personal history. After serving 14 years in the Corporate world she has finally declared her FREEDOM! After only 7 short months as an authorized representative of LifePath Unlimited she has found total freedom in every sense.

Thinking outside the box and being open to new and fresh opportunities really has served a purpose. Liz is now mentoring like minded people to create the life of their dreams on a full time basis. Working with like minded leaders to make a change and give people what they want. Total personal and financial freedom.

Let this be an inspiration to everyone, you really can Be, Do and Have anything you want in life. It's true!

Daring to risk is an essential step to self empowerment. This is the key to breaking out of stuck thinking and behavior. It is about breaking through the comfort zones and barriers. It is about experiencing new levels of mind and feelings. It is about experiencing more life.

If you would like to learn more about Liz and her services at Live Your Dream Mentoring, just ask....

Start today! Don't delay!

Here's a link to The Powerful Intentions Group:

What are you wanting to manifest in your life?
What do you have your attention on?
What are you thinking? Is it something you want to manifest?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feeling Alive

What makes you feel alive and enthusiastic towards living?
What makes you eager to jump out of bed in the morning?
What is it that you've always dreamed of doing that you would like to do?
I've just finished reading an E-book by Lisa Valencia
called "If She Can Do It So Can I"
I found her book while looking up information about Costa Rica. My husband and I have been invited to spend time with some friends there.
It's funny because a few days before finding the E-book, I had just written the blog post titled
" Oprah Did It And So Can You"
There's the law of attraction once again!
Here's a link to Lisa Valencias website:
Her writing is captivating and takes you on a journey. I couldn't put it down.
She writes about her desire to live in Costa Rica and her real life experiences along the way.

I found it refreshing to see that someone has their dreams and hearts desire as a priority in life as opposed to living from a fear based reality. She did what it took to make it happen and believed it could and would.
I've noticed that what a lot people don't know is, in order to follow your dreams and desires it takes work. It's not as if it just happens. It takes one following through with their dream...believing in it. It takes planning, determination, being creative, resourceful and doing whatever it takes to make it happen.
It's a different kind of work than going off to a 9-5 job everyday. The kind of work that, the more you do it the easier it gets and the bigger the payoff. But you still need to do it to make things happen...or maybe I should say to allow.
This is when the universe, god, our angels or whatever you call it starts to work their a helping hand along the way. It seems that once you get excited about what you really want and take the steps to get there, that is when opportunity begins to show up in many different ways.
Once you've decided on WHAT you're wanting, that is when you need to stay,
(as Abraham -Hicks calls) tapped in, tuned in , turned on, and allow.
That's when you'll begin seeing what you've always wanted and living the life you dream.
What I enjoyed most about what Lisa Valencia wrote is that she is vibrating joy in her words.
She's happy and positive while pursuing her dream. It's fun to feel that through words, and be able to go on that ride with someone vicariously. Thanks Lisa for sharing your life and for inspiring others to go towards their dreams.
Another good read if you want to go on a fun, real life adventure is Dan Mackins book
"Reflections of Paradise."
Dan Mackin is the artist that did the illustrations in my book "Danny and the Dolphin." After the Vietnam war, Dan and his buddy took a trip on a 26 ft sailboat from Newport Beach Ca. to South America. It's also captivating, fascinating and a lot of fun. You can find his book here along with his beautiful art work: //

If you'd like to find out more about staying tuned in to receiving what you ask for,
then check out this video clip by Abraham-Hicks:

Here are some questions that might prove to be interesting if you'll ask yourself...
What makes me feel alive?
What would it take to have these things in my life?
Am I willing to do what it takes?

Some things that make me feel alive :
fresh picked fruit, especially mango
passion fruit
concord grapes
good watermelon
fresh squeezed tangerine juice
fresh peach juice
fresh air
stars on a clear night (Hawaii is a great place for that)
being in any water, playing, swimming, soaking
riding waves on a boogie board
body surfing
being around dolphins
watching a colorful sunset
the songs and sounds of birds
chirping of geckos
a night owl hooting
the sounds of frogs outside
watching a hawk or eagle in the sky
watching animals in the wild
listening to good music, especially good live music
playing with children
riding a bike
swimming under a waterfall
nude sunbathing
rain, hearing it, seeing it, smelling it ,walking in it (when it's tropical rain and warm out)
snow skiing (when the sun is out and I have warm snow gear)
anything fun, alone or with friends
exploring new areas
taking pictures with my camera
watching a good film
good conversation

Today I appreciate my life.
I appreciate all the opportunities I have.
I appreciate the law of attraction and the beauty it brings.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oprah Did It And So Can You!

“There’s no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love.

There is only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen.”

- Wayne Dyer

Here's an article I found online about Oprah Winfrey. Oprah is an exceptional person because she stands out from the norm. She has deliberately CHOSEN to rise above her challenges and she keeps choosing with her determination to accomplish what she wants in her life. Oprah is really no different from anyone else, except that she believes and follows through with her goals and dreams. And so therefore she is living them...just like we can be!

Against All Odds - The Story Of Oprah Winfrey
by Pradip Ranjan Sinha

When the going gets tough, the tougher gets going. Are great leaders and entrepreneurs born the way they turn out to be or do they become what they are in the process of time? Going by the story of Oprah Winfrey the second option seems to be the obvious answer. In fact, a look at some of the successful entrepreneurs in the history reveals that success has often been commensurate with the hardships a particular leader faced during his/her formative years. Richard Branson, Dhirubhai Ambani, Karsanbhai Patel, Steve Case, Sandy Weill, Bill Gates, to name a few, have all achieved unprecedented success not just by mere fluke but by their hard work, dedication, determination and an attitude of standing against all odds.

So it is proved that not all the great leaders and entrepreneurs are born; they can be developed so, by setting goals and making transformation from within and moving with the changing needs and demands of the time. Oprah Winfrey is a classic example of how a person, despite of all types of odds, has made a mark for herself in this male-dominated world.

A look into her life reveals how she deals with her fame and fortune in her good as well as bad times, and how she realized her childhood dreams one after another.

She has climbed the heights with good foresight, achieving one goal after another. Oprah, who started her career as a simple TV anchor, went on to become the hostess of a popular TV show named after her (the Oprah Winfrey show), to an actress, to a businesswomen to a producer and finally becoming the "the queen of the soul" of millions all over the world, crossing international, racial, and demographical barriers.

How many people have got the show, which they host named after them? Not many. She was criticized for being too tough with her employees. And the biggest criticism came when she expressed her views on the show of April 16, 1996, which was about the mad cow disease. But for great leaders and entrepreneurs, ups and downs are the part and parcel of life. They never get demotivated, and if they go down, they always come back with a bang.

And Oprah did exactly the same thus proving all her critics wrong and their arguments baseless. She is unarguably the queen of the souls.

Oprah started her life with insurmountable troubles from her childhood. Her parents got divorced when she was very young. She was first sent to her grandmother, then to her mother and finally to her father. She was sexually assaulted by her very own cousins and uncles, which she even revealed in public. Not many would do that, which just reflects her determined approach towards life. But all this misfortunes could not stop her from thinking that life can be a better one than this. This is the key attitude most entrepreneurs have in them, the attitude to think that there is always a scope for improving things. Oprah had this habit of reading books and doing social activities from her early days. She knew from the beginning that life was always full of obstacles but loaded with opportunities. Her own life reflects this She has personally transformed herself from a kid to a teenager to a woman and now to the souls of over 26 million viewers all over the world. It speaks volumes of her will power and determination to succeed against all odds.

The number 26 million is so big that others can easily get envy of her popularity. It's a delight to watch Oprah on her show. She just says with her heart, and she thrills the audience with her warmth and charismatic personality. She always believes in change. It is one of the vital features of the great entrepreneurs that they keep on changing with time. As change is the essence of life and is inevitable, you cannot ignore it. Despite her impoverished and troubled childhood, she became familiar with millions of viewers all over the world. This is just incredible.

She joined her first broadcasting job as a part- time radio announcer at age 17, an age when most of the people concentrate on their studies thinking about their future. She moved on further to do some reporting and anchoring job here and there. In the year 1984, she joined the WLS-TV Chicago, a TV talk show, which later became her identity as the show time was increased from 30 minutes to one hour and the show was renamed as the Oprah Winfrey show, because of the growing popularity of Oprah among the millions who watched her, especially among the women belonging to the age group of 30-50 years.

It took no time for the show to go national and become the number one talk-show of the country. What made all this quick success possible? It was not a miracle, but it was simply because of Oprah's sweet, friendly and energetic conversational tone which was added by her sheer hard work and her innovative style of handling the talk-show. She also tried her luck of becoming an actress by playing a role in a Steven Spielberg film. Not only was she nominated for the prestigious Oscar and Golden globe awards for the best actress category, she even got accolades from many critics. She even went a step forward in establishing the Harpo Productions Inc, and by doing that she also became only the third women in the US history to own a movie production studio, which in itself is a matter of pride. Later, she also became the first ever women in history of television to own and produce her own talk-show by acquiring the ownership and production rights of the "Oprah Winfrey show" from American Broadcasting Corporation. All these do reflect her skills, versatility and her passion towards her work.

Leaders need to change themselves and their style, depending on the situation and the market trends. She also changed according to the time by changing the focus of her talk- show after a decade of nonstop success from dysfunctional families and their problems to a positive show _ that inspires people to rise above and achieve their dreams. This change promised to help change lives for the better, and that too being the motto of her entire life to have a better place to live in. It was a huge success. She went on expanding her business into various fields such as publishing, music, film, health and fitness and education.

Oprah even ousted names like Steven Spielberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michel Jackson and other huge celebrities from the Forbes list of `Highest Paid Entertainers'. She got immense success for her O magazine, which was considered a reflection of her life. But as the old saying goes, "old is gold". This applies for Oprah also, as despite her success in different fields, her `Oprah Winfrey show' still continues to be the number one talk-show on television, being aired in 107 countries and being the number one show for a record 16 continuous years. It simply speaks of Oprah's huge popularity and fan following all over the world crossing all boundaries and barriers. The key factor, which played a major role in her popularity, is her ability to empathize and communicate intimately with her audience and her strong will power in sharing her personal life experiences on the talk show, which many would consider uncomfortable.

She was equally determined in doing something for the society, especially for bringing down child abuse. It is her continuous efforts that had led the president of USA to pass the `Oprah bill', a law made for the child protection against any sort of societal abuse (The national child protection act). How many have made such an impact to the society? She has also contributed millions of dollars to charities and higher education institutes but without seeking any media attention.

Like the two sides of a coin, a person's life has also got both the positive and negative sides. It applies in the case Oprah Winfrey also. Like Jack Welch, Steve Jobs and many other leading business leaders, Oprah too has been criticized on many counts; foremost among the criticisms is her way of enforcing strict rules on her employees and giving them a tough time. Her employees complained of not getting any special attention from her whenever their project got recognition or won ratings or awards. She was more interested in completing the project.

She was also criticized for her statement that she would never eat a hamburger again in her life. Some cattle producers blamed her statement saying that it was the reason for the drastic collapse of the sales of their products, and some even filed a suit against her.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. She was proved to be innocent of the mad cow disease case, as the court clearly stated that whatever she had said were her personal views, i.e., her statements were not illicit and one could not consider her the reason behind the collapse in their product's demand. Talking about the employees of Oprah, you cannot have the guarantee, that they would not have said anything harsh of her work culture, if Oprah would have praised them while making it to the awards and ratings, and not when they have completed the project. Some people have the habit of sensing dissatisfaction irrespective of what they have. They keep on stinking for this or that. Oprah did what she was doing from the very beginning of her career. Entrepreneurship taught us to accomplish the goal and not the awards or ratings and recognition. She feels that awards and recognition will come to an individual once he/she achieves his/her goal. She did exactly that by praising at the time of completion of the project, thus matching with the norms of entrepreneurs, which matter the most.

According to the entrepreneurship center at Miami University, Ohio, the definition of entrepreneurship is: Entrepreneurship is the process of identifying, developing and bringing a vision to life. The vision may be innovative idea, an opportunity, or simply a better way to do something. The end result of this process is the creation of a new venture, formed under conditions of risk and considerable uncertainty.

The awards she received and the recognition she gained as an idol in the minds of millions of people, itself speak of her hard work, popularity and success. One of the important characteristics of entrepreneurs is their consistency with which they perform things. And her record reveals her consistency in being among the top three positions while talking of favorite TV personalities from 1993 to 2001. No one can ever get closer to her unique feat. Her talk-show has been the number one show for 16 long years and this clarifies and further proves her popularity. The love her audiences have for her further clarifies that she is the most trusted woman in the history of television. She was ahead of her time and set an identity for herself, which will be an inspiration for the upcoming young women. It is not just that whatever she achieved was based on fluke; she had worked hard for whatever she is today. Her empathy, courage, gut feeling, honesty towards her work and of course the love of people have made her one of the most beloved and memorable women in America. It's a delight to read, think about and watch her. The way she dealt with her success, wealth and fame by not allowing them to distract her attention from her goal is a sign of great mental maturity and humbleness. Her show is a delight to watch. One should at least watch her show once and he/she will sure become a fan of her from that very moment; such strong is the character of Oprah Winfrey. Undoubtedly and unarguably, she walked through the fire and instead of letting the fire overtake her she forged the fire within herself. The numerous rewards and honors won by Oprah Winfrey and her work are ample proofs of her entrepreneurial excellence. Clearly, Oprah has developed into a successful entrepreneur. She will always remain as the `queen of the souls'.

Lessons one should learn from the life of Oprah Winfrey.

1. "One becomes what one believes-"There is always a chance of betterment in life, i.e., there is always a scope for improvement.
2. Entrepreneurs are not born, rather they are made.
3. Successful entrepreneurs build a team, an organization, and a company and then learn to lead and work with others.
4. Change is inevitable and one should keep on changing with time as change is the only constant and pure thing in the Universe.
5. It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from. There's always a possibility to triumph.
6. One should listen to his/her feelings /instincts, i.e., be ones self.
7. There is nothing like luck in this world. Luck is simply preparation meeting opportunity.
8. You have to have the courage to go sometimes against the crowd.
9. Never loose your focus of your life, i.e., not to become complacent.
10. One should have the gut feeling to take quick decisions.

21 Suggestions For Success
by H. Jackson Brown Jr.
  1. Marry the right person. This one decision will determine 90% of your happiness or misery.
  2. Work at something you enjoy and that's worthy of your time and talent.
  3. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.
  4. Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know.
  5. Be forgiving of yourself and others.
  6. Be generous.
  7. Have a grateful heart.
  8. Persistence, persistence, persistence.
  9. Discipline yourself to save money on even the most modest salary.
  10. Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated.
  11. Commit yourself to constant improvement.
  12. Commit yourself to quality.
  13. Understand that happiness is not based on possessions, power or prestige, but on relationships with people you love and respect.
  14. Be loyal.
  15. Be honest.
  16. Be a self-starter.
  17. Be decisive even if it means you'll sometimes be wrong.
  18. Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for every area of your life.
  19. Be bold and courageous. When you look back on your life, you'll regret the things you didn't do more than the ones you did.
  20. Take good care of those you love.

What is it that YOU have always wanted to do and aren't doing?
What would it take to start moving closer to having your dreams become reality?
It CAN be as easy as taking the first step and then another.You'll be that much closer to having the life you love and feel good moving towards your goals.
Life is what we make may as well make it something you enjoy!

Today I appreciate my life and the way I choose to live it.
I appreciate the freedom I have.I appreciate happy enthusiastic people that inspire me.