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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Write Your Own Horoscope

I've been checking my daily horoscope on my Yahoo sign in page for months now. I don't know why I started this. I look at it each day after I check my email. Most of the time it's a pleasant message and sometimes it will say things that seem forewarning and make me wonder if I might be having some challenges arise.
So I've decided to forgo the reading of the cosmos and start writing my own personal daily horoscope.
Here goes:
"Today is going to be a day filled with love. Everyone you meet will smile, be friendly and kind. You will feel at one with all and be reminded that this is what life is all about. Get ready for a great day all around!"
Looking at my daily horoscope habit got me thinking more about how our minds are like sponges. We absorb messages everywhere we go, whether it's conscious or subconscious.
The media and advertisement companies are very aware of this and are masters at subliminal marketing. Most of the time they market from our fear. Then there's the marketing of the perfect lifestyle complete with kids, pets, cars, luxurious vacations, baubles and finally the grand prize of retirement. We are so receptive that unless we are deliberate in our actions and vigilant
with our choices, we can end up living a life that isn't what we really want, and that isn't very gratifying.
I recently watched a DVD I rented from Netflix about Zen cooking. They had dicon radishes in the film. Last night I had a dream with dicon radishes in it.
I woke up with the thought that these little subconscious clips I have running through my mind are actually in the creation stages...if I keep thinking them, then I'll soon be seeing them. We collect bits and pieces of information and if we're not careful, these subconscious inputs can affect our lives. What we expose ourselves to in our environment is so important, it affects our thoughts and our reality whether we believe it or not. Sometimes you'll like it and sometimes you might not.
This is where being deliberate in ALL you do plays a vital role. Deliberate creating is important to living a life of manifesting what you want and desire.Affirmations and positive exposure play a big part in helping create what you want.
I cut out phrases from magazines like "Find your happy place" or "The Best is yet to come" and place them where I can see them often.
Take a look at what subliminal messages you're exposed to, day to day.
Are your screen names and passwords to online accounts something inspiring and uplifting?
What would you write for your daily horoscope and what subconscious programming are you allowing in your life?
Today, look for things you can approve of everywhere you go. It's amazing how quickly approval grows. When you find things to approve of, more things you approve of show up.

My affirmations for today are love, fun, commitment, order, health, and fitness.

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