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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Energy Cleansing With Claire Gillen

     I wrote a post last year, mentioning my friend Claire Gillen and the energetic healing work she does. Claire is the one who shares a very similar website name as mine. Her's is called Create A Life You Love.
That's only one of many things we share in common. It's so nice and refreshing when I find people in life that I resonate with and feel a deeper level connection with than  most. It's like a gift from God, saying here's someone you will like, someone that's a lot like you. Claire is that, she feels like a soul twin in some ways! We've never actually met in person, yet we have an energetic connection that feels deeper than physical, it's vibrational. Claire's work is also vibrational, she's an intuitive energy worker that has the gift and ability to tune into deeper more subtle levels of our awareness and help us to get things balanced and feeling a lot better, almost instantly.
   It's hard to explain exactly what it is she does, but I can tell you that something remarkable happens that is felt and a shift occurs. If you have something you would like support with, on a deeper level than you can consciously confront on your own, then contact Claire on her website and schedule one of her energy cleansing sessions. You'll feel renewed on a soul level and your life will begin to change, becoming more of what you want it to be. Give yourself the love you deserve and desire, allowing your spirit to go higher!