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Sunday, December 13, 2009

How To Be More Deliberate With Manifesting

Abraham-Hicks talks about  Setting Your Vibrational Tone:

Sometimes when we talk about asking, we know that our physical friends think what we mean by that is the asking that comes from words and while sometimes you do ask with your words,it is not that asking that we are wanting to call your attention
to. It is a vibrational asking, it is the natural impulse of desire, It is the desire that exists within you, that is
born out of that which you are perusing, that which you are considering. It is that decision that is made even
without the words that you are offering.
Sometimes you ask with your words and what we mean by that is sometimes the words that you are speaking
are a perfect vibrational match to the vibration that is within you.
But very often, the asking that is going on vibrationally is not the asking that you think it is.

We want to help you to understand how it is that you are asking and why it is that you are getting, or
why it is that you are not getting what it is you are wanting.
We're wanting you to understand that you are vibrational beings and you are focused in a vibrational universe
and when you are understanding the vibration that you are offering, then you understand the manifestation that is coming.
An easy way to hear that is what I am thinking and what I am receiving are always a vibrational match.
An even better way of saying it is, what I am thinking,or pondering, or remembering or imagining,or musing or
considering or focusing upon.That which I'm giving my attention to, is causing, an emotional reaction within me.
And that emotional reaction within me is my indicator of my vibration.
So it is always true, that what I'm thinking and feeling and what is manifesting is ALWAYS a match.
Some want to know how to offer the perfect vibration, so that they can create or manifest the perfect life experience.
We think that's a very good idea,that's what deliberate creating is.We also think it's equally important to relax and
lighten up and begin to observe the content of your manifestation, in order to more fully understand what
 your vibrational offering is. Because when you begin to make that correlation, when you begin to get it, that
what's coming to you in terms of actualization or manifestation is always a perfect vibrational match to
 what you've been feeling, then as you begin to pay more attention to what you've been feeling, you can understand
more clearly what's coming. And the best part of that is,once you begin to understand that what comes,
 comes in response to vibrational offering and you begin to learn how to deliberately offer your vibrational offering,
now you are really in this place of deliberate creating.
So, as you have an experience that gives you a better idea of what you are wanting, that wanting is a sort of birthing
of idea. And when that idea is born within you, there is power. That is the nugget of the universe, with that...
 new conclusion is formed within you. And in the moment that idea bursts forth within you, non physical
energy rushes to answer it. Because it is always true, every time, that when you ask it is always given.
Sometime people say to us, Abraham your teaching us fantasy, your teaching us denial, your teaching us fabrication,
your teaching us fiction, and we say, we're teaching you to set your vibrational tone. Because when you set your
 vibrational tone to something that pleases YOU. The universe will yield to you something that pleases YOU.
Sometime people will say to us, Abraham should I not face reality?
And we say "No" never face reality unless what you are living is perfect in every way. Then give it your full attention.
But what we would do is selectively sift, we would selectively sift through our reality and we would focus mostly on
things that please us.
Then people say to us, Abraham then you are teaching selfishness and we say indeed we are.
Because if you are not selfish enough to find vibrational harmony with source, then you have nothing to
give anyone else anyway.
If you are not paying attention to the way you feel, then you have no basis of knowing
which direction to go.
What many physical being are doing is they are looking at the results of the manifestations and they say,
these are good manifestations, we want more of them. We would vote for those.
But these are bad manifestations, we want not these, we would not vote for these.
And so as they are saying yes to these things and no to these things, they have a sort of mix in vibration that is not a vibrational match to what they are wanting and so the universe cannot yield to them what they
are really wanting because they are not a vibrational match to what they are really wanting and
law of attraction says, that which is like unto itself is drawn.

So here's what we would do if we were standing in your physical shoes:
We would make a decision that nothing is more important than that I feel good.
Because the way I feel is my true indicator of my vibrational harmony or my vibrational alignment
with the non physical energy.
So how does one go about, achieving vibrational harmony with well being.
well little by little you reach for thoughts that feel good,in other words it is an incremental thing.
You did not get to the place of not letting it in completely overnight, in other words,
 it was one thought you picked up along your physical trail at a time.
So for the most part we encourage just picking up more thoughts that feel good.
But you have to be selfish enough to say, nothing is more important than that I feel good.
A good manta is: Today no matter where I'm going, no matter what I'm doing, no matter who I'm doing it with,
it is my dominant intent to look for that which I'm wanting to see.
I'm wanting to look for that which makes me feel good when I see it. And as you begin to be a more a
more deliberate selective sifter where you look for things to
appreciate or you look for things to compliment on or you look for things to bask about.

You look for REASONS to feel good, .As you look for reasons to feel good, you find reasons to feel good.
And as you find reasons to feel good, you feel good. And as you feel good you let it in.
As you feel good you let clarity in. As you feel good you let abundance of well being, abundance
of all things that you consider to be good, you let in.

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