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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

There's Something Happening Here!

There's definitely something happening here,
and what it is, it's so very clear.
It's the Law Of Attraction In Action!
It's happening so often and so consistently I KNOW it's not just coincidence.
And all the bright neon signs in front of me, there's no denying that being deliberate, and living intentionally works.
It works, it works, it works!!
A few days ago, actually it was Saturday night, I downloaded an E-book from Lisa Valencia called "If She Can Do It So Can I." (I wrote about it in my last blog entry.)
Lisa had a dream of moving to Costa Rica and she made it happen. She writes about her real life experience and adventures. I received an email from her thanking me for my online order. I wrote back letting her know how much I enjoyed reading about her travels and her life. The way she writes is like being with a friend telling a good story. I really enjoyed it and couldn't put it down. That evening I finally put the E-book down long enough to watch a DVD I had ordered from Netflix. It was a DVD of "The Secret." I'd watched it a while back with my husband and wasn't too impressed, I guess I was expecting more since so many had been raving about it for so long. I decided to give it another try. This time I looked for what I DID like about it. I found a lot of things that I didn't notice the first time.The first time I was busy critiquing it. I liked the level of manifesting that the people in it have acquired, it was impressive.I like how positive all of them are and that inspired me. I like seeing that these people were no different than you or I (some of them had some serious hardship in their lives) and the only difference is THEY went towards what they wanted and believed.
They were successful because they did what it took to get there AND they kept believing in their vision. I'm writing this not to tell you that I watched the Secret again and this time I liked it...
I'm writing this because the most amazing thing happened.The next day, I got an email back from Lisa Valencia and she told me how much it meant to her to receive my email. She also mentioned that she had watched The Secret that day (Saturday) and it was uplifting. She had also seen it before. So here we are, two people that didn't know each other the day before, in two different parts of the world, watching the Secret about the same time....and that she would even mention watching it in her email.
Now tell me if that isn't a message from something much bigger than ourselves?
Law Of Attraction is real. It is! Just like gravity is real.
Intentional living works! It just does...try it and you'll see for yourself. It makes life so much more fun.
Check out some of my past blog posts if you want to read some amazing examples...too amazing to be just coincidence.
Beautiful Fruit- About manifesting a place to live on an acre with a beautiful organic fruit orchard!
A Great Law Of Attraction Story- The story of finding our new neighbors dog a couple of miles away and we had never seen the dog before, but knew it was hers.
Today Is Your Lucky Day- After writing a blog post titled Today Is Your Lucky Day, I heard that same phrase within an hour from two different people.
Believe-The story of meeting my estranged biological father after 44 years...and he was living 40 minutes from where I was living at the time.
A Mothers Love- This is about missing my daughter and meeting the young man from Italy on the beach in Hawaii that was missing his mother.
It goes on and on...too many stories to write about.I have things happening everyday...all day.
It so much fun...most of the time. If I'm not disciplined with my thoughts, all kinds of interesting things can happen. Some, obviously from what I had my attention on and other things by default.

Here's another law of attraction manifestation from an email I received yesterday.
It's A message from Liz Green of - Live Your Dream with the Law of Attraction on Powerful Intentions: Law of Attraction Community:

"Liz Green founder of Live Your Dream Mentoring took the final step in her life changing journey of free enterprise. A life of total freedom and choice away from Corporate stresses."

-- Monday 21st September 2009, for Liz Green of Live Your Dream Mentoring, this is a day which will go down in personal history. After serving 14 years in the Corporate world she has finally declared her FREEDOM! After only 7 short months as an authorized representative of LifePath Unlimited she has found total freedom in every sense.

Thinking outside the box and being open to new and fresh opportunities really has served a purpose. Liz is now mentoring like minded people to create the life of their dreams on a full time basis. Working with like minded leaders to make a change and give people what they want. Total personal and financial freedom.

Let this be an inspiration to everyone, you really can Be, Do and Have anything you want in life. It's true!

Daring to risk is an essential step to self empowerment. This is the key to breaking out of stuck thinking and behavior. It is about breaking through the comfort zones and barriers. It is about experiencing new levels of mind and feelings. It is about experiencing more life.

If you would like to learn more about Liz and her services at Live Your Dream Mentoring, just ask....

Start today! Don't delay!

Here's a link to The Powerful Intentions Group:

What are you wanting to manifest in your life?
What do you have your attention on?
What are you thinking? Is it something you want to manifest?

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