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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote

Here is the Abraham-Hicks daily quote that I receive in my email each day. It's not coincidence that it reflects the the topic I posted yesterday.
That's how the law of attraction works. It's really fun to see.

Life Will Always Be Working Out for Me. . .

I like understanding that things are always evolving, and while there are many things that could be better where I am, it is not really a problem because "where I am" is constantly changing to something better. I like knowing that as I look for the best things around me where I am, those things become more prevalent in my experience.

It is fun to know that things are always working out for me, and as I watch for the evidence of that . . . I see more evidence of that every day.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the book "Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth & Happiness"

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