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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feeling Alive

What makes you feel alive and enthusiastic towards living?
What makes you eager to jump out of bed in the morning?
What is it that you've always dreamed of doing that you would like to do?
I've just finished reading an E-book by Lisa Valencia
called "If She Can Do It So Can I"
I found her book while looking up information about Costa Rica. My husband and I have been invited to spend time with some friends there.
It's funny because a few days before finding the E-book, I had just written the blog post titled
" Oprah Did It And So Can You"
There's the law of attraction once again!
Here's a link to Lisa Valencias website:
Her writing is captivating and takes you on a journey. I couldn't put it down.
She writes about her desire to live in Costa Rica and her real life experiences along the way.

I found it refreshing to see that someone has their dreams and hearts desire as a priority in life as opposed to living from a fear based reality. She did what it took to make it happen and believed it could and would.
I've noticed that what a lot people don't know is, in order to follow your dreams and desires it takes work. It's not as if it just happens. It takes one following through with their dream...believing in it. It takes planning, determination, being creative, resourceful and doing whatever it takes to make it happen.
It's a different kind of work than going off to a 9-5 job everyday. The kind of work that, the more you do it the easier it gets and the bigger the payoff. But you still need to do it to make things happen...or maybe I should say to allow.
This is when the universe, god, our angels or whatever you call it starts to work their a helping hand along the way. It seems that once you get excited about what you really want and take the steps to get there, that is when opportunity begins to show up in many different ways.
Once you've decided on WHAT you're wanting, that is when you need to stay,
(as Abraham -Hicks calls) tapped in, tuned in , turned on, and allow.
That's when you'll begin seeing what you've always wanted and living the life you dream.
What I enjoyed most about what Lisa Valencia wrote is that she is vibrating joy in her words.
She's happy and positive while pursuing her dream. It's fun to feel that through words, and be able to go on that ride with someone vicariously. Thanks Lisa for sharing your life and for inspiring others to go towards their dreams.
Another good read if you want to go on a fun, real life adventure is Dan Mackins book
"Reflections of Paradise."
Dan Mackin is the artist that did the illustrations in my book "Danny and the Dolphin." After the Vietnam war, Dan and his buddy took a trip on a 26 ft sailboat from Newport Beach Ca. to South America. It's also captivating, fascinating and a lot of fun. You can find his book here along with his beautiful art work: //

If you'd like to find out more about staying tuned in to receiving what you ask for,
then check out this video clip by Abraham-Hicks:

Here are some questions that might prove to be interesting if you'll ask yourself...
What makes me feel alive?
What would it take to have these things in my life?
Am I willing to do what it takes?

Some things that make me feel alive :
fresh picked fruit, especially mango
passion fruit
concord grapes
good watermelon
fresh squeezed tangerine juice
fresh peach juice
fresh air
stars on a clear night (Hawaii is a great place for that)
being in any water, playing, swimming, soaking
riding waves on a boogie board
body surfing
being around dolphins
watching a colorful sunset
the songs and sounds of birds
chirping of geckos
a night owl hooting
the sounds of frogs outside
watching a hawk or eagle in the sky
watching animals in the wild
listening to good music, especially good live music
playing with children
riding a bike
swimming under a waterfall
nude sunbathing
rain, hearing it, seeing it, smelling it ,walking in it (when it's tropical rain and warm out)
snow skiing (when the sun is out and I have warm snow gear)
anything fun, alone or with friends
exploring new areas
taking pictures with my camera
watching a good film
good conversation

Today I appreciate my life.
I appreciate all the opportunities I have.
I appreciate the law of attraction and the beauty it brings.

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