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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beautiful Fruit !

Here's another Law Of Attraction story that just happened today.
I'm still basking in it .
My husband and I are staying in California
(from Hawaii) for the summer to promote my book which is being printed.
One of the things I've been looking forward to with being back on the mainland and in California is being able to eat all the fresh fruits that are in season all summer.
In Hawaii we get beautiful mangoes, bananas and papaya but fruits such as plums, apples, grapes and pear don't grow there. I've really missed having these.
For as long as I can remember I've written down that someday I wanted an orchard filled with every kind of fruit tree that I love, and also grape vines filled with green and red grapes and especially concord grapes which happen to be one of my favorite fruits ever.
I've thought about this over the years and realized it would take a long time before I could enjoy the fruit from the trees if I got the land or bought a house, and planted everything I want, but I still desired having the orchard. Another idea I had was to purchase an old farm with an existing orchard...then I've had the thought, do I really want to do all the work to maintain an orchard or do I just want access to the fruit?
I figured I didn't need to worry about all that now since I'm not in the market to purchase a farm right now anyway. So, I continued to desire having fruit and put it out there to the universe to help me attract the fruits I love in whatever way was best.
Today my husband and I looked at a place to rent while here in Calif. We've been staying in a very small one bedroom place and I wanted more room, so we set out to find a 2 or 3 bedroom place with a yard. My husband found an ad that said the house was on an acre, had 2 bedrooms and beautiful gardens with an orchard. When we arrived to view it I could hardly believe that it was real.
It was like walking into a dream...another realm. Like paradise.
I was truly in heaven.The entry way had a trellis over the patio with grape vines hanging down FILLED with fruit! As we walked the yard I was pinching myself and saying to my husband, I can't believe this...can you believe this...isn't this incredible? He was also amazed at the beauty of all the fruit trees. There were rows of apple trees filled with apples of different types, several citrus, orange, tangerine, lemon, and Meyer lemon.
There were plum trees galore and grapes around every corner with beautiful green, red AND guess what other... my beloved CONCORD grapes!!
I was picking and eating while walking and ecstatic.
If you've ever picked fresh organic fruit from the vine you know what I'm talking about. There's nothing better in my opinion.
There were also cherries, blackberries, pear, pomegranate, persimmon (two varieties)
Asian pear, and in the front by the driveway the biggest fig tree I've ever seen FILLED with figs almost ready to pick.There is even kiwi growing all over the back patio trellis.
The woman who owns the place lives in the main house next to the house we were viewing.
She said she's never sprayed the trees and has been growing them for over 30 years.
I've never seen trees so full of fruit. I could feel the trees were cared for with love.
The house was nice and clean, comfortable, has many windows that look out at all the trees and is in a very quiet area. It's furnished and we can have it for as little or as long as we like.
Now how great is that!
Needless to say we took it and are moving in.
The LOA still amazes me even after all the incredible demonstrations I get, again and again, day after day!
I'm looking forward to fresh apple juice, orange juice and lemonade and excited to be seeing that my manifesting is getting easier and arriving quicker.
I LOVE this deliberate creating stuff!

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Katherine Jenkins said...

Amazing story Kate! I'm Kathy and I also believe in the very things you write about. So happy to find you here. I am in the process of looking for an agent and getting my book, 'Lessons from the Monk I Married' published. I'd love to learn the process you went through. You can find my e-mail in my profile. I hope we can connect! Peace to you, Kathy