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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bringing The Soul Back Home

My friend Katya Williamson's newest book is now in print and available for purchase!
It's called Bringing The Soul Back Home-Writing In The New Consciousness.

It's published by O Books and can be found at:

Here's a review on her book:

This is an exciting book for people who want to explore writing and through writing- explore themselves. The magic here is the magic of what has always been present: that river of creativity that runs through every human being, the glory that is the earth itself, and the glory of the human body, the power of now and the power of believing in yourself. On her part, Katya Willliamson believes passionately in a democracy of writing. We are all part of something larger even as we all have a unique voice - something to offer the world. Anyone interested in discovering that voice, in digging a little deeper, in being a little more honest and a little more brave, will enjoy both the encouragement and the exercises to be found in this inspiring and practical guide to "writing in the new consciousness". Sharman Apt Russell, author, "Standing in the Light: My Life As a Pantheist"

Katya holds writing retreats in Hawaii, California and in England. I met her while she was staying next door to me on the North Shore of Oahu. She was there finishing the last chapters of her book. I had the privilege of receiving some private coaching from her. We would meet on my lanai for writing sessions with the sound of the waves and the chirping of geckos in the background.
Katya was instrumental in my following through with getting my book Danny And The Dolphin published. Thank You Katya , Thank You Universe, for bringing me Katya!
Her teaching and techniques in her book are easy to follow, helpful and very insightful.
Mostly what I've learned is to write what I feel, and write about my life experiences...writing from the heart, without thinking too much.
I love the stories and testimonials from the women that have attended her retreats.
Katya's gift of showing others how to release their inner beauty and share that with the world is something I appreciate and value immensely.
I know you will too. Get her book and see what you have to share with the world!

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