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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Great Law Of Attraction Story

Here's a great Law Of Attraction story:
A lady had moved into the house next door to us a few weeks ago. We met her on the day she was moving in and she mentioned that she had 2 dogs. Her dogs were still at her old house (which we had no idea where it was) and we had not seen or met her dogs yet and had no idea what they looked like.
A few days after meeting our new neighbor my husband and I were across town, a few miles from home. We usually took a different route home but for that day I asked if we could go another way home for a change. Just as we turned the corner we saw a dog running around. It was a very busy downtown intersection.
The dog was obviously scared and looked panicked. Cars were racing by almost hitting it as it ran frantic across the street in and out of traffic. I was surprised that no one had stopped to help.
I told my husband that we had to stop and help this dog. We pulled over and the dog which was a young border collie, started barking at me. I said out loud to the dog, "It's okay, I'm going to help you. I know you're scared. We'll get you back home, don't worry. I then took her by the collar and she willingly jumped into the car with us. She licked my face and then started licking my husbands arm as he was driving.
I really wasn't sure what I was going to do. I knew that I'd give the dog some water and started mocking up that I could put up signs where we found her to see if someone would claim her.
When we got about 3 blocks from our house I started having this thought that the dog belonged to our neighbor. It was a very strong feeling and I thought, well that would make it easy.
I really liked the dog and was thinking it wouldn't be so bad if we ended up having to keep her! When we pulled up in front of our house the dog got very excited and I held onto her collar and walked her towards our house. My new neighbor was by her front door and shockingly said "Where did you get my dog"?
I replied "I KNEW it was your dog"!
She was blown away and I was laughing to myself, knowing it was the law of attraction in action, once again!
It bonded us as neighbors and I now get to have a dog friend next door to borrow for walks and kisses anytime I want!

Oh...the dog got out because someone didn't latch the gate at her old place.
The probability of us driving by at the exact time, and taking the dog home with us, AND that my neighbor would be there to see us with the dog etc. was uncanny!

Today, I appreciate knowing that we are ALL looked after and we are ALWAYS taken care of.
All IS well!

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Derrick Sweet said...

Hi Kate,
Thanks for mentioning my audio book!
I'm looking forward to reading your book.
Derrick Sweet