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Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today is Fathers Day and it felt like a good time to tell my believe in your dreams story.
My mother and father married at a very young age, my mom was 15 and he was 17.
My mom was pregnant with my brother and then 2 years later my sister came along...then my father left our family when my mom was pregnant with me. He had met another woman and took off with her. They later married and had children together. I saw my father only once when I was a baby and then again when I was 3 years old. I remember that time vividly.While visiting my grandfather one day, with my brother and sister, he came by to visit and I sat on his lap. I remember thinking, He's not such a bad guy, he smells good and has a nice voice. He was nothing like how I heard my mom speak of him (even though I was only three years old I got it that my mom didn't like this guy much .)
I never knew any of the other children, and I never got to know my father. He disappeared and that was that.
My mom remarried and we all had a very nice life.
I always wondered where my father ended up and what his life was like, what he was like. I'd heard about the other family he had and was curious who they were and if they knew about us.
I started to look for all of them about 10 years ago. It was a little over 2 years ago when I was looking my fathers name up online, once again nothing came up. I decided to Google the name of the lady he married, her name came up under an obituary. Her stepfather had passed away and her name along with her sisters name was listed. Her sisters name was listed as living in Hawaii.
I live in Hawaii so I immediately looked her sisters name up in the phone book and found a phone number for her.
I called her and she told me about the other children my father had.There were 4 of them.
Three girls and a boy.She said that the oldest girl, Patti would be the most likely to want to contact me.
I gave her my phone number and she gave it to Patti. Within a few days Patti called me. We talked for a long time exchanging information. She had lived with my father up until she was 14 years old and then he left all of them. No one had any idea where he went or if he was even still living.It had been over 30 years since anyone had any contact with him.
It was nice to hear things about him that I never knew, that he was very artistic and could sing, and that they had horses and a boat and he liked to water ski.Patti loved her dad. (which was my dad too, but to me just biologically, since I really never knew him ) She was heartbroken when he left her and had been searching for him for years.
She had joined one of those sites online that gathers information about people and was hoping to find out something that way.I had been reading Abraham-Hicks and listening to their tapes almost daily for awhile. I just knew if I believed I would find my father, if he was still alive that we would reunite.
Once I found my sister Patti and we teamed up that desire felt even stronger.It was about a year after Patti and I had been talking on the phone that I got the call from her. She said "You're not going to believe this...I have a phone number for him and an address, remember...we had NO idea where he was or if he was even alive. She said. "He lives in Hawaii!" I could hardly believe it, but then again after being introduced to the Abraham material I could believe it.
I had been experiencing miracles (that I've come to realize are how life is meant to be) happening all the time, so this was in alignment with that.
I said okay, give me the phone number and I'll call. Patti wasn't ready to call him herself, she had a lot of emotions to sort out, so I was the one to contact him. I was excited at the prospect of satisfying my curiosity for the past 45 years. I wasn't angry or hurt just thrilled that he was still alive and I was getting the chance I had been wanting all of these years to meet my DAD...the other half, who helped bring me into this world. I figured if he created ME then he couldn't be all that bad, I turned out alright!
So she gave me the phone number and then the address. When I heard the address I just KNEW that The Law Of Attraction is real and that there IS a higher power and that we CAN create what we want in our lives because...
NOW GET dad was living on the same Island that I was on and only 40 minutes away!
I called the phone number without any hesitation...HE answered...I told him who I was and he was floored! It seemed surreal.
We talked for awhile and then met the next day at his home. It felt natural and comfortable from the first time we re-united.
It was never awkward. I don't have the bond with him that I have with my mom, and I don't expect to.
It's probably more like someone that has been adopted, meeting their birth parents for the first time.
He seems familiar to me and also loving, like family...but more like an Uncle. He lives with a long term girlfriend, who is wonderful. I'm appreciating the relationship for what it is and that we get to have this time together.
So BELIEVE in your dreams everyone!
The Universe and Law of Attraction WANTS to give us what we want..what we desire and what we dream!
Happy Fathers Day.

Today I appreciate everyone I love and that loves me.
I appreciate my mom and her love and support.
I appreciate my step father who supported me.
I appreciate my biological father for getting me here.
I appreciate the law of attraction and all the fun I'm having.

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