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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sprinkled With Fairy Dust

Have you ever had a day that felt like EVERYTHING was going right, and it was as if you had a Fairy Godmother sitting on your shoulder?
Yesterday was one of those days for me. It felt like I was sprinkled with fairy dust and everything I wanted was unfolding , one thing after another!
It was the opposite of Murphy's law.
It was "Whatever can go right will go right" and it kept on getting better and better. I noticed phrases like "Today is your lucky day" and saw a flag hanging in someones yard as I drove by that said "Just another day in Paradise".
Everyone I ran into and spoke with was pleasant, friendly and helpful.
People even smiled at me from their cars!
It sounds magical but really isn't.
It's just the Law Of Attraction in action...again.
It's actually ALWAYS in action.
We like to pretend that when things aren't going our way, that it just "happened" to us and when things are going right, that it's somehow a miracle.
Life is suppose to be fun, and good things happening is a natural occurrence, if we just allow it.
Yesterday when I was "sprinkled" with fairy dust, I was deliberately looking at all that was good and I kept my vibration revved up in a state of allowing all the wonders...the wonderful things that are always available to ALL of us....ALWAYS.
It's fun to see it manifest so quickly and consistently. Life sure is easier that way!
My grandmother was from Ireland, and in Ireland there's a lot of talk about leprechauns, fairies and pixies. This may be folklore, but it may be they actually do see these things and fairies actually do exist. Maybe they come out to assist us when we're happy and more fun to be around.
Or it could just be the humble way that the Irish explain all the "Luck" of the Irish.
Here's a fun site to check out. It's a leprechaun web cam:
Let me know if you spot one!

Today I appreciate that I can create what I want,
I appreciate fun people,
I appreciate my life,
I appreciate being Irish.

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