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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flirting With Love

Love is a funny thing.
It's what we are...we all have it in us, we all want more of it and we all have the choice to use it's power or ignore it.
I've been flirting with love lately.
Looking for ways to feel good and excuses to put my love out there, into the world.
Appreciating the beauty around me is one way I've found to play with love.
I've noticed butterflies everywhere I go since I've been doing this. It's pretty amazing actually.
One day while sitting outside, I saw a beautiful butterfly dancing from flower to flower. Then I started seeing butterflies everywhere I went. I've even witnessed them fly by while riding in the car!
A couple of days ago while sitting by the pool, I noticed a big beautifully colored butterfly fluttering by me. I put my attention on it and it came closer and then flew above me and all around me while I was admiring it. I've seen it for several days now flying about and hovering on a flower or a shrub. When I've come near, it has stayed on the flower, flapping it's beautiful wings. I've been able to observe it up close and see all the intricate patterns and colors. Nature is amazing with detail.
Another fun thing I've been doing when out in the world, is looking for people to play with.
Babies are the best mark and are always eager to play.
A few days ago my husband and I were at the market grocery shopping. We saw a really cute baby, about a year old, in a shopping cart. The adults she was with had their attention on shopping and she was looking around for some fun.
My husband and I played with her by smiling and walking away, then turning back to smile at her again. She lit up with a huge smile. A minute later we turned the corner and there they were in the next aisle. We smiled at her again and she burst out in a joyous laugh.
It was fun and clearly made us all feel better!
We have the ability to turn this on anywhere we are. What a wonderful thing love is.

Today I appreciate love,
I appreciate knowing I can choose to feel love
and that I have an abundance of love to give away.
I appreciate those that share their love.


Kate Sommers said...

Minutes after posting this I went into the backyard to check on my cat.
I saw so many butterflies it was almost comical!
There were even a few moths and a dragonfly!

alison said...

How sweet! I have experienced this with heart shapes, lol! You do get what you focus on. Thanks