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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oprah Goes To Megan Castran's House In Australia!!

    It's interesting what prompts change within us and when and where it happens. I unexpectedly had a life changing experience from watching this video clip. It's more of a feeling that I got that has shifted things for me.  It's taken me to a place of deeper understanding.  I first saw Megan Castran aka Jewel Chick in a video clip on the online group Co Creating Our Reality -  CCCOR is a site that I've been involved with for over a year now, it's the reason I started this blog. This group has helped transform my life in so many ways. It's called Co Creating because that's what we all do, we deliberately set our intentions and manifest our desires, while encouraging others to do the same. We share information, experiences, and we inspire and support each other in reaching our dreams. I started watching Megan's Jewel Chick youtube videos  and was instantly drawn to her charismatic personality and positive attitude. I find Megans real and open way she relates refreshing and enjoy her style and humor. I'm particularly impressed with her deliberate intention to manifest Oprah Winfrey to her home for taco night! I LOVE this, it has made a huge impact on my already powerful creating! I feel as if I've catapulted to a new level of understanding the Law Of Attraction and have gone from BELIEVING to KNOWING the LOA is real. I've had so many amazing experiences that have proven it works, you can read about them in my posts. My latest was intentionally attracting the dolphins to me! Somehow by watching this video clip with Oprah at Megan's house something shifted, It was a feeling I got in my belly, a knowing that there is something larger than ourselves out there that aligns our desires and helps us create our dreams. It's a beautiful thing to feel! I'm thrilled that Megan attracted Oprah to come to her house. I believe Megan's desire is WHY all of Oprah's show got to go to Australia! It's beyond amazing that by her deliberate intention all of Australia has had this awesome experience of Oprah's visit. Thank you Megan and  Oprah, for this incredible co creation! You've affirmed for ALL of us that the Law Of Attraction works, our Asking is heard! It worked for Megan, it works for me and it can work for YOU too! Life is much more fun when we KNOW we can and will have the life we want! Create the life you love and see what amazing things can happen!

(Below is the video that Megan made before Oprah came to Australia)

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