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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dear Universe, Thank You!

Dear Universe,
Thank you for all the beauty I see in this world! Thank you for the amazing colors in all the variety of flowers,
their fragrance, the incredible design and detail in each petal. Thank you for such diversity in nature, what magnificence and brilliance!!
Thank you for the sun, what a gift the sun is!! I appreciate the way it blankets me with warmth and refuels my spirit with love. Thank you for my inner being speaking to me, guiding me, and reminding me.
Thank you for always helping me to take care of myself, thank you for inspiration, signs and messages that help keep me on the path to what I love. Thank you for the rich, abundant life I live and the means to continue creating it this way.
Thank you for the blessing that are showered on me each day, watering me like a beautiful garden.
I see what I love and I love what I see! Thank you. More of this please!

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