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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Better It Gets, The Better It Gets!

I feel very fortunate to have had the experience of having MORE of what I want in my life for a consistent amount of time now. It's fun to see what I desire show up quickly and almost effortlessly. I say almost effortless, because it does take staying on track and being vigilant in keeping my focus on what I DO want and how I want my future to be. It has become easier and easier to notice when my thoughts are leaning in the direction of what I don't want. I'm feeling good so much of the time that when I'm not feeling good I notice it right away, this is when I decide to find something that feels good and that gets me back on track of manifesting my desires  faster. It's also a great way to enjoy my life more right here and now.
The more clear and deliberate you are in creating what you DO want, the more obvious it will be when you are heading in the direction of what you don't want.
The more you practice keeping your thoughts and focus going in the direction of your desires, the easier it all gets and the faster your manifestations happen.
In other words, the better it gets the better it's not just's truth!

Here are a couple of Abraham-Hicks clips that I found to be helpful :

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